10 Food Ideas for your Next Camping Trip

When camping, for most people, they often have one problem – food. Campsites are not equipped with the luxury of food choices. Chances are, there will be no restaurants where you can grab a meal or purchase something for takeaway. A lot of people may instantly shun from the idea of camping because of the fear that they will starve, and hence, will not enjoy the campsite. With this, we will have a rundown of some of the best foods that you can easily prepare the next time you are camping. For sure, these foods will provide you with filling treats.

Campfire Foil-Pack

campfire foil pack

This is a general term that would refer to foods that can be cooked in a foil. You simply have to wrap all the ingredients in a foil and have it cooked in a grill. They are easy to prepare and they are delicious. One of the most popular would be campfire burritos, which can be prepared at home. Simply mix chilies, egg, ham, and cheese. Have it wrapped in a tortilla and a foil. When it is time to eat, simply have it grilled. You can also pack cheese, fries, and olives and grill it when your stomach needs a filling.

Campfire Burger

credit : recipeshubs

credit : recipeshubs

Prepare a burger patty ahead of time, which can be made from your meat of choice. Bring buns, sliced tomatoes, onions, cheese, and others that you want in your burger. Simply grill the patties and when it is ready, make your own burger. Do not also forget to bring ketchup, mayo, and mustard, or whatever flavorings are preferred. Bring a cooler with you to make sure that the patty will maintain the right temperature to avoid such from being a breeding ground of bacteria.

Caramelized Onions on the Grill

credit : food.com

credit : food.com

Some people would bring lots of chips so that they have something to munch on when they crave for food when camping. If you want a healthier alternative that is going to be effortless to prepare, caramelized onions on the grill will be an excellent choice. Start by preheating the grill. In a skillet, melt butter and oil. Add sliced onions. To finish, add two teaspoons of sugar and stir. Wait for until 15 minutes before taking it out of the heat or until the sugar has already caramelized.

Barbecued Salmon  

credit: joinmefordinner

credit: joinmefordinner

Wrap salmon in a foil. Glaze the salmon with brown sugar, mustard, and thyme for more flavor. Grill it until cooked. Additionally, you can also cook the salmon directly on the grill. You can add whatever seasoning is preferred, depending on how you would like it to taste. You can also bring a variety of dips to go along with the salmon. This is one camping dish that will take only a few minutes before you can finally enjoy a satisfying meal.

Camping Pie Iron  

camping pie iron

A pie iron is one of the essential investments for every camper. It will make it easy for you to prepare various recipes in the campsite. For instance, you can put a slice of bread on both sides of the iron. In the center of the bread, place your filling of choice. Close the iron and cook in fire. You can also put small potatoes inside the iron. Add salt, pepper, and butter. Cook it until the potatoes are soft enough for you to eat.

Chicken Kebabs

credit : cookingclassy

credit : cookingclassy

In a Ziploc bag, combine chicken and dressing. Make sure that it is frozen, so put in a cooler after having it taken out from your freezer. When it is time to cook your kebab, put chicken, green pepper, bell pepper, mushroom, and onion in a barbecue stick. Grill each side for two minutes, turning the stick around three times or until the chicken is tender. There are also readymade sauces that can make your kebab yummier.

Dutch Oven Pizza

dutch oven pizza

A Dutch oven will be an excellent item to bring with you in the campsite as it will allow you to cook pizza within a few minutes. All that you have to do is to put the pizza dough inside the Dutch oven, spread pizza sauce, top it off with cheese and other toppings of your choice, such as vegetable and meat. Put the Dutch oven above a fire and wait until the cheese has melted or the ingredients are cooked. This will surely take only a couple of minutes.

Bacon and Brussels Sprout Skewers

credit : popsugar

credit : popsugar

Anything with bacon will surely be yummy. For this quick camping recipe, all that you need to do is to first blanch the sprouts so that it will be grilled for a few minutes only. Peel off the outer leaves of the sprout and have it skewered, alternately with bacon. You can also marinade the sprout first in mustard, olive oil, and butter, which will make it tastier. Once ready, have it grilled and enjoy it while it is hot.

Campfire Paella  

credit : onegreenplanet

credit : onegreenplanet

Even in the campsite, you can still eat rice and prepare it easily. In a nonstick foil, combine the ingredients that you will need. Chorizo, chicken, garlic, onion, tomato, and seasoning are the most common, though it can be tweaked based on your preference. Add rice and wine stir the ingredients. Close the foil and cook it under medium heat. Once the rice is cooked, your campfire paella is ready to be devoured.

Campfire Crescent Dogs

crescent dog

Start with flattening the crescent dough. Once it is flat, simply put the hotdog atop the dough and have it rolled. By this time, the dough must be covering the hotdog. Make sure that parts of the hotdog are exposed on both end. Put it in a stick and grill. Once the dough turns slightly brown or when the hotdog is cooked, take it out of the fire and enjoy. Use ketchup or mustard as your dip.

In sum, even without the luxuries of home kitchen, you can still enjoy delicious food when you are camping. Just make sure to cook those that are easy to prepare and those with ingredients that will not easily perish. In this case, keep in mind our recommendations above, and for sure, you will never go hungry as you camp.


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