5 Valuable Lessons Kids Learn From Camping

Camping is a great way to spend time with family and friends. Not only will you get to be with the ones you love, but you also get to experience the great outdoors and see nature like it never was before. Learning life lessons and experiences is rewarding, especially when it comes from your natural surroundings. And what makes it better is learning it when camping with kids, who will get the opportunity to learn many life lessons in camping at such an early age.

This is what makes it a benefit when camping with kids, as they will be able to boost their confidence and know the basics of survival for when they grow up to become adults themselves.

Still not convinced? Here are some valuable lessons kids learn from camping:

  1. Survival and resourcefulness

kids learn survival when camping

Of course, camping will enable your children to learn about the basic survival skills when it comes to living outdoors. They will also learn how to be resourceful and make use of what they have in order to get what they want or need. Making fire out of sticks, pitching tents and using leaves or branches to make games or activities, the things they get to learn are endless when out camping! With the basics now being taught at an early age, your kids will take a step up and know how to live with less, appreciating what they have now and using it to create something new.

  1. You can have fun without technology


Today, kids are blessed with an abundance of technology. From mobile devices, games, television, and the like, it has become a great advantage. But it can also be a hindrance, especially when trying to experience nature and spend time with family. Your kid will be cooped up with their nose to a phone, simply sitting down and playing games. But when you start to camp out with them, they will start to learn that there is more to life than their phone! In time, they will start to lessen their usage of the gadget and hopefully start to go out even more.

  1. Appreciation of the great outdoors


When camping outdoors, your children will be able to witness the beauty that the world is blessed with. From rivers to forests, the light breeze and starry night skies will be able to switch on the wonder and imagination kids have, and let them start to love their surroundings that goes beyond home and the city. Not only will they be able to start appreciating nature, but they will also get to learn more about the different trees, plants, and bodies of water as well! This is better than any class, where they can actually experience the nature around them.

  1. Family time is important

Family Camping Activities

Family Camping Activities

With camping, you are not only away from technology and the bustling life of the city, but you’re also away from everything else except your family and nature. That way, you’ll be able to actually have fun without the gadgets and spend quality time with your children. They will start to learn that family time is sacred and to cherish it through fun activities like camping. Your relationship with your kids will start to grow and be appreciated when camping because through the activities and no-gadget rule, you’ll be able to actually spend time with them without thinking of anything else!

  1. Cleanliness

kids keep clean when camping

One of the most important things you would love to let your children learn on their own is that they will need to clean up after themselves and leave no trace, may it be bad moods or garbage around them. They will learn how to keep their surroundings clean, and hopefully use those lessons at home, too!

With these life lessons, your children will be able to hone their skills and talents, using them once they start to grow into young adults, making the next generation a great one. Don’t postpone that trip outdoors and go camping with kids now, may it be with your own, or with your younger relatives. You’ll have a great time together while learning many things that your home or traditional schooling won’t be able to teach.


My name is William, a family man with two kids and the passion for camping. I started Pandaneo with sharing memorable camping experiences back as a newbie camper, introducing my family to the love for the great outdoors. As time passed, we started traveling across states, trying to hit as many campsites we can!