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9 Reasons You Should Try Camping In Your Backyard

Camping is one of the best activities one can do with family or friends. It’s also a great way to spend time with nature and be one with the great outdoors. But sometimes, it can get a bit hassling to go out to campsites and search for campgrounds, spending on equipment and gear. It can also be a bit time consuming having to go back and forth, as well with all the planning that needs to be done. And in the end, your loved ones might not even be able to make it! It takes a lot of planning and skill in order to camp out, which is what may be a disadvantage for those who can’t camp but do want to experience it.

backyard camping

For beginners who would love to try camping or for those who have no time to plan, they can start trying to camp by going to a venue that’s near and accessible: Your own backyard! It may seem a bit odd at first, but here are  reasons you should try camping in your backyard:

  1. Best way to start a camping experience

For those who want to start camping, this makes a great way to begin. It’s a sort of practice you can try out before actually going out to the great outdoors. You’ll get to learn and know what it’s like to camp for the next trip outdoors.

  1. Spend time with your family and friends

It’s the best way to spend time with family and friends without going so far away! Camping at home an awesome idea to try instead of doing the old sleepovers in the bedroom or party games in the living room. Spending the night out by your backyard is unique and makes a new, fun experience!

  1. Affordable

Who said camping makes you spend a lot of money? Camping at home and out in your backyard saves you a lot of money from buying camping gear, transportation expenses, and fees for the campsites and more! All you need to do is pack in your  tent, have comfortable bedding, some food, and walk to your backyard! Super fun and affordable way to have a great time with loved ones.

  1. Less camping gear

Like what I said, you not only get to save money on camping gear, but because you won’t need much of the equipment, you won’t have to worry about packing or forgetting anything. If you did, you can easily go back to your house and get it. That’s why camping at home is best when it comes to those who wouldn’t like packing so much stuff or spending on gear.

  1. Learning opportunity for kids

kid camping

Not only will you and other adults get to start camping, but it gets to help kids learn about survival and camping as well! Get to hone their skills and have them become the resourceful tykes that can get down and dirty with a nice camping trip by the backyard. Camping with kids makes them be one with the nature and maybe even let them love and appreciate nature.

  1. It’s safer than camping outside

When camping outside, there are health hazards and dangerous accidents that may happen to you or others. But when in your backyard, you won’t need to worry about any serious injuries other than some scrapes and bruises if doing some activities. No scary animals or facing darkness and risking deep falls or slips when camping in your backyard.

  1. Unique idea to relax

If you happen to have a long day of work, why not try relaxing by stargazing and camping out in your backyard instead of going to your room or living area? It’s nice to stay cooped up by the couch, but experiencing the fresh air and the stars in the sky may lessen stress levels and help you relax even better than the television would.

  1. Take advantage of your backyard

Sometimes, your backyard ends up being a wasted space, where all that’s done there is the usual barbecues that happen only once in a blue moon. But when camping at home, you’ll be able to make use of the space and take advantage of what your backyard has in store for you and your family.

  1. Better appreciation of nature

Even if it’s just in your backyard, camping at home will have you start your appreciation with nature without having to go so far. The grass by your backyard and the trees you plant will have you and your kids start to learn more about the environment and have you start to appreciate and increase your love for the greens around you!

And there you have it, hopefully these reasons to camp in your backyard will have you camping with kids and having fun family camping activities not related to technology! You can find a lot of ideas for family camping activities online or make up your own as you go! Fun and unique way to spend time with loved ones, camping with kids will be the best way to help hone both you and your childrens’ skills in survival and camping.

With little preparation and items needed, camping at home is a fun activity to try out at least once in your life with family and friends. Instead of planning a sleepover for your children, try a fun family night out by the backyard! Whether you’re with friends, family, or even yourself, you’ll get to have fun and be one with the starry night sky and the green around you without needing to go so far.

  • Updated March 1, 2017
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My name is William, a family man with two kids and the passion for camping. I started Pandaneo with sharing memorable camping experiences back as a newbie camper, introducing my family to the love for the great outdoors. As time passed, we started traveling across states, trying to hit as many campsites we can!