What’s the Best Backpacking Chair: Your Ultimate Buying Guide

When it comes to essential outdoor gears, one of the most important is the best backpacking chair. It provides you with a comfortable place to sit in the campsite, while also being lightweight, which means that it is easy to bring it with you. They are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes, each claiming to be better than all others.

To be a responsible buyer, and to choose a product you will not regret, you should exert time and effort in narrowing down the possibilities. Take a look at their features, as well as what other people are saying. Be sure to go beyond price. Quality should be the most important concern.

If you have no idea which backpacking chair to purchase, keep on reading the rest of this guide. We will tackle some of the factors that should be considered. More importantly, we will list down five of the best options that you can find in the market today.

Benefits of Backpacking Chair

best Backpacking Chair

​Here are some of the compelling reasons why you should invest in a backpacking chair:

  • ​You will have a comfortable place to sit on. If you are in the campsite, it will be nice if you have a chair where you can lounge during lazy times. It provides a good place to just relax.
  • ​It is lightweight. You can have them easily carried with you. It will not add a significant weight in your backpacking gear.
  • ​Assembly is going to be a snap. Most of the models available are not complicated. They can be folded and unfolded in a breeze. There is no need to spend too much time in having the chair assembled.
  • ​Versatility is another good reason to have one. It can be used not only for backpacking and camping, but also during a trip to the beach or when attending a music festival.
  • Depending on the model that is chosen, you can even enjoy insulation, making you feel comfortable even when in a cold environment.

Differences Between Backpacking and Camping Chairs

​A lot of you may end up being confused, believing that backpacking and camping chairs are just the same thing. While they indeed both provide you with a good place to sit, they are different in more ways than one.

​Among others, one of the biggest differences between the two is that backpacking chairs are more compact. They are not only lightweight, but they can also easily fit inside the backpack, which is why it is easy to bring along. Camping chairs are typically bulkier. The back is often longer, as well as the legs and arms. They also tend to have more features, such as pockets and insulated bottle holders. Backpacking chairs, although small, are also made from durable materials.

​Essential Factors to Consider

​In this section, we will look at some of the critical factors that should be given careful thought as you evaluate the options for the best backpacking chair.


​One of the first things that you should consider is the comfort that the chair can provide. Choose one that comes with comfortable padding or cushion. See to it as well that it comes with a high back, providing you with enough space to lean. Having an arm rest is also a good thing. To make the chair even more comfortable, it must be stable, regardless of the condition of the ground.

​Ease of Setup

​This will determine how user-friendly the backpacking chair is. The design of the frame and pad will be indicative of how easy it is to fold and unfold the chair. There are some models that you need to inflate, but they can be inconvenient. It will be good to choose one that is effortless to set, although most of the feature-rich chairs will probably take a longer time to assemble.

Best Backpacking Chair


​To evaluate the quality of the backpacking chair, look at the materials that are used. In most instances, they are made with an aluminum frame.One of the best things about the latter is its lightweight construction, which means that you can bring it with you without having to be too much of a burden. It won’t add a significant weight in your backpacking gear. For the seat and the back rest, some of the most common materials used are foam and rip stop nylon.


​It is logical to choose one that is as lightweight as possible, which is an essential characteristic of a backpacking chair. If it is lightweight, you can bring it with you in your backpacking trips. If it is too heavy, on the other hand, you will most likely complain of discomfort and will never use the chair again. While it should be lightweight, however, make sure that durability will not be compromised in any way.

Top Picks for the Best Backpacking Chair

If you are still clueless about which product will make the best choice, in this section, we will identify five of the brands and models that will be worth considering. Look at their features and decide if they will meet your needs and demands.

Big Agnes – Helinox – Chair One

If budget is not an issue, this is one product that you might want to consider. The price is steep, but this is because it is packed with features that you will typically not see in the models from the lower end of the market.

The premium construction of this model is one thing I love, which can be seen as a proof that it is indeed great. The DAC aluminum poles are long-lasting and lightweight. The seat itself, meanwhile, is made from 600D polyester.

More so, another reason why you might want to consider this product is the fact that its weight is only 1.9 pounds. This means that carrying it will be almost effortless on your end. In spite of this, it should be noted that it has a maximum weight capacity of 320 pounds!

Looking for breathability? The mesh construction of the chair is also impressive. It improves air circulation to guarantee your comfort.

To keep its weight at a minimum, however, the manufacturer has to let go of some unnecessary features. For instance, it does not come with an armrest, as well as a neck rest. You will also notice that there are no bottle holders.


  • Provides comfortable back support
  • Portable
  • Has good ventilation


  • Can be too low for some users
  • Expensive price

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

If strength of the backpacking chair is an important concern, you might want to look at this product. Its frame is made from powder-coated steel, which is guaranteed to withstand the test of time. It also has a patented design. The best thing is that it has 800-pound weight capacity.

It is not only the frame that is strong in this chair, but even the fabric. It is made from 600D polyester fabric, although there are some who noted that they felt the need to have a reinforcement in the seams.

This can also be a good pick if you are after convenience. In spite of being a backpacking chair, it features a cup holder on the side. There is also a side pocket that can hold items like books and your phone.

To make the chair even more comfortable, it is also integrated with an armrest. Plus, the back is higher than the standard chairs you can find in the market. The padding is just the right amount. It is not too thick, which still makes it breathable, even if there is no mesh.


  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Plenty of storage
  • Offers a supportive frame


  • A bit bulky
  • Seams may need reinforcement

Browning Camping Strutter Folding Chair

Looking for a backpacking chair that will make you feel comfortable? You might want to include this in your list of choices. I loved how it has a mesh back, which allows air to circulate. This is perfect during hot days! You won’t end up sweating while seated on the chair.

The folding design is also a good thing. It comes with its own carrying bag. Once it has been folded, you can easily carry it. There is an integrated shoulder straps, although some noted that the quality of the latter could have been better. It should have thicker pads.

The steel frame is powder coated. This makesit durable, although this material is heavier compared to the frames made from aluminum.

Lastly, it is made using Realtree XTRA HD fabric. The camouflage design makesit perfectly complement the beauty of the outdoors. More than the aesthetics, the fabric used is also excellent because it is durable. It is thick, yet it is not going to compromise your comfort.

Despite of being lightweight, you might love the chair even more once you learn that its maximum weight capacity is 300 pounds!


  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Stable


  • Carrying strap can be better
  • Seams can be prone to ripping

Crazy Creek Products HEX 2.0 Original Chair

The versatility of this backpacking chair is one of the reasons why you might like it. It can be instantly converted into a sleeping pad, making it a great backpacking essential. When used as a sleeping pad, however, expect that it is going to be a bit short.

The materials that are used in this backpacking chair are also impressive. The closed-cell foam, for instance, will make sure that you areinsulated from the cold weather while keeping the weight low. To add, the outer shell is made from 210D rip stop nylon, which will be effective in the prevention of penetration of water. The inner surface, on the other hand, is made from 70D rip stop nylon that will be effortless to clean.

It comes with a collapsible design. In less than two seconds, it can already be folded. With its minimal size, it will easily fit inside the backpack and the best thing is that it is lightweight. You won’t have to complain about its weight!


  • Simple design
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used as a sleeping pad


  • Can feel a bit cramped
  • Too low on the ground

ONWEGO Ultralight Camping and Outdoor Chair

If you want an ultralight backpacking chair, this is another option that you might want to consider. It weighs less than two pounds, which means that it won’t be too much of an addition to your backpacking gear. Even at such a minimal weight, it has a high weight limit. Based on the specifications from the manufacturer, it can support users with weight of up to 330 pounds.

Another thing that makes it great is its simplicity. The assembly of this backpacking chair does not need to be a complicated task. There are aluminum shock-cord poles that can beeasily positioned. Also, when they are collapsed, you can use the included Velcro strap to keep the frames organized. There is also a carrying bag.

The frame is made from 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum. This simply means that it is meant to withstand the test of time. It is not easily prone to wear and tear, unlike other materials. To add, since it is made from aluminum, you can also expect that it is going to be lightweight.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to pack
  • Comfortable


  • Prone to tipping forward
  • Fabric seems rough

Final Thoughts

Now that you have reached the end of the post, we hope that choosing the best backpacking chair is a lot easier. From the discussions earlier, if there is only one product that I can personally recommend, it would be Big Agnes – Helinox – Chair One. This is may be expensive, but it can provide the best bang for the buck. It has lightweight construction, which is basically the reason why it is the perfect choice for backpacking! It can be easily stashed inside the bag and you won’t even feel its weight. When unfolded and assembled, it will provide a comfortable place to sit on!


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