How to Grab The Best Camping High Chair for Baby and Top 5 Recommendations

 Has your family just recently welcomed a newborn baby and now it’s time you are dreaming about a family camping trip together on some lake’s banks or some national parks? Are you just craving for some fresh air and some family funny moments? Can’t you wait to show your new-born the wildlife lessons and let him/her taste the nature themselves?

Are you a well-prepared person? Are you going to be busy at the campsite and all you want is your baby will get seated comfortably at the camping?

If you answer yes to most of the above questions, this post is for you. We are going to do an intensive shopping guide on how to pick the best camping high chair for baby, like what technical features are you going to look into? Or what will go best for both camping trip/home feeding? Etc. Also, we have a list of 5 highly-recommended baby camping chairs for your reference.

What features will you need to pay attention to grab the best camping high chair for baby?

Best Camping High Chair for Baby

​When traveling with a baby, a portable flexible high chair for him/her would sound a great choice. It is not that hard to make the decision which one to buy if you go through all our tips and guides below.

​When does a baby need a high chair?

​A baby is ready for a high chair from 4-6 months when he/she can sit up on their own with or without support. High chair is great for feeding and a portable one is great to move around the house or bring outdoor, such as the restaurant or camping.


​As being used as a camping chair, you are going to bring the chair and your infant into the wildlife and being away from the concrete surface or marble floor. This means your chair should have an excellent stability to be put anywhere on the uneven ground. Either on a rough river bank, a soft carpet of grass or on a rocky surface.

​Compact fold and dimension

​A compact fold is a must for a portable baby high chair. If you even want to arrange the chair into a suitcase or a traveling bag, you should check the folding size with the manufacturers before buying. Normally, the baby camping chair purchase comes together with its own bag, which is convenient and neat for you to carry along.

​Since the chair is folded and compact, you can bring it to many places apart from camping, maybe grandma’s house, BBQ party at a friend’s place…


​As a woman, you might be lazy assembling any household items. You can always look for a chair design that doesn’t call for your assembly skill.


​Aside from compact size, as a portable camping item, needless to say, being lightweight is one of the criteria you are going to look into. The camping chair varies from being light at 7 lbs to about 8-9 lbs.

​Tray flexibility

​The tray is one of the important features of a baby chair. In a normal indoor high chair, you may need to test if the tray can be operated easily with 1 hand while your other hand is busy with the baby’s food or the baby. But for baby camping chair, most of the tray designs are made with fabric and this tray is usually kind of stuck with the handles or in another word, not swing up or down flexibly.

​There are some folding camping high chairs having the trays made from fabric which can be taken off from the chair to wash separately conveniently.

​Seat comfortability and dimension

Best Camping High Chair for Baby

​A portable baby high chair’s seat is normally made from fabric for flexibility and lightweight purpose. You’ll need to take a look at how well-padded it is; if it’s comfortable enough for your infant to sit on for a long period of time.

​Also, you may need to look closely if the seat has big dimension enough for you to take the baby in and out. A tight seat which is locked by the tray will make it harder to grab baby back and forth and we guess you won’t enjoy that bad experience.

​When your baby grows older (over 1 year old), the footrest should be considered a suitable height for their legs to reach out. You don’t want your baby to swing their legs in the air all the time without giving any rest to their legs. You also don’t want those legs to fold awkwardly on the footrest because the height gap is inappropriate.

​Seat strap

​Many of baby high chair accidents happen because the adults don’t fasten the seat belt. So the belt is an essential item on a baby chair. Check if the lock is easy to secure and easy to unlock when you need or not. Once the baby is seated in the chair, you might need to fasten or loosen the belt length to make it fit well with the baby’s stomach for the best security.


​The chair will be abused by your infant and you already know how messy their meals and even pooping or peeing are. A material that allows you to wipe or wash is a great choice. The fewer crevices and seams the better it is.

​For most of the folding camping high chairs, the material is mostly fabric. Some are easily taken out and washable.


​Go for a quality material which can save your infant from any toxicity. Many designs are made lead-free nowadays which is great.

Recommendation list: Top 5 baby camping high chairs

So, now that after the first part of our shopping guide, we believe you’ve noticed a lot to examine before making a decision on a baby folding camping high chair. Why not read through this top 5 recommendation down there as well.

ciao! baby Portable Highchair, Mossy Oak Infinity

ciao! baby Portable Highchair, Mossy Oak Infinity

This model weighs 8 lbs. which is a lightweight figure. It can last from a 3-month-old to 3-year-old. It does come with a convenient carrier bag to throw over the shoulder. Putting the chair back into the bag is not a tough process like some others.

No assembly required so this would be a favorite of most of the women, not mentioning easy folding and unfolding. The cleaning can be done quickly by wiping down or if it is getting too messy, you may just bring the chair out and hose it down. By that, you’ll immediately ease the mind of the waiters/waitress at the restaurant where you bring your infant to.

Another great feature is that Ciao can last long and is quite a good brand that you can consider. The chair itself is sturdy and well-structured, which can give your baby a good balance.

However, don’t take it for granted, don’t ever leave your baby unattended because the lightweight can be a disadvantage at some point.


  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting
  • Convenient carrying bag
  • Easy to clean
  • No assembly required


  • Can be too lightweight sometimes

ciao! baby Portable Travel Highchair

ciao! baby Portable Travel Highchair

Similar to the above Mossy Oak Infinity, this product of ciao also has a light weight of 8.5 lbs., no assembly requirement, convenient carrier bag is included. Also, its lead-free material will save your kid from any health and skin problem.

Being easy to clean enables this to be added to the favorite list of many moms. Even though the tray is not a take apart part, the fabric makes it quite cleanable. If you hose it down, it will get dry quickly. If the food gets into the seat, you’ll need to simply lift the seat up, give some shakes and voilà.

Another advantage is you’ll have a range of colors to choose from: black, orange, red…

However, as a portable material, the fabric on the tray can slope down and makes some certain food slide, like water cup or rounded fruits.


  • Lightweight
  • No assembly required
  • Convenient carrier bag
  • Easy to wipe down
  • Many colors


  • A bit slanting tray

Summer Infant Pop N' Sit Portable Highchair

Summer Infant Pop N' Sit Portable Highchair

This lightweight model from Summer Infant Pop (7.8 lbs.) has pleased a lot of mommy who experienced using it.

The tray is made from hard plastic which is different from the others on this list so it will save mommy from a frustration of tray slant or food sliding. A storage pocket is geared onto the chair will be a great place to store wipes, spoon, toys or a little book.

The fabric, what makes the chair light and portable, can be removed from the frame and it is designed to be machine washable. So whenever you feel it’s dirty, just one step taking them out and through into the washer. Besides, the material is safe due to its being lead-free.

You can place this device on grass, on uneven surface at the campsite and freely feed your infant or let them play on their own (but you’ll still need to put your eyes on them frequently).

Summer Infant Pop N' Sit Portable Highchair can be used for a 0-3-year-old toddler, can bear up to 40 lbs. which can be a frustration-free item for mommy.

However, some chubby baby may experience a small legs holes; and the whole chair, for its stability purpose, can be found a little bit bulky.


  • Steady tray
  • Lightweight
  • Convenient storage pocket
  • Removable and washable fabric


  • Small legs holes
  • A bit bulky

ciao baby - Portable High Chair with Rattle Teether Toy - Purple

ciao baby - Portable High Chair with Rattle Teether Toy - Purple

This is another lightweight chair from Ciao (about 8 lbs.). Ciao keeps doing with all the features that a family may fall in love with on this product like no assembly requirement, compact carry bag. A bonus on this chair is a colorful Rattle Teether Toy which will catch your baby’s attention and enable him/her to spend some good time getting seated.

The chair’s color varies from purple, blue, red to pink so you can always choose the one that you think suits the baby’s character most.

The chair is sturdy, stable enough and can be a great choice for your camping trip at an uneven campsite. You can also bring it into the car, cookouts, restaurant…

Meanwhile, some chubby babies may experience snug fit at the legs openings. Mommy will need to measure their thigh to check with the manufacturer’s measurement before the order.


  • Lightweight
  • No assembly requirement
  • Convenient carrier bag
  • Extra toy
  • Sturdy and stable


  • Chubby baby thighs may not get through legs openings

GoTo 2in1 Portable Travel High Chair by Phoenix Baby

GoTo 2in1 Portable Travel High Chair by Phoenix Baby

Phoenix Baby has made an effort in wide legs design for a better stability. The lock is also taken care of more for baby safety. A bonus is there is a mesh pocket for some essential items storage like spoons, toys, foods…

It’s quite lightweight (9.5 lbs.) yet sturdy enough, easy to get set up and folded, can hold the infant securely inside and with a compact design, the chair won’t take up much space at the table.

However, some people would want this with a tray on or a bit taller to reach higher to the table.


  • Lightweight
  • Mesh pocket for extra storage
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Compact design


  • No tray
  • Extra room to develop into taller version


Thank you for sticking with us around till this end. We hope by this end you can either already make a decision of order or already know exactly how to grab your best camping high chair for baby.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would also like to encourage you to let us know if you have any more questions about baby high chair.


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