Best Camping Radio: Your Guide on What and How to Choose

Are you looking for the best camping radio? Consider yourself lucky that you found this article. I have heard a lot of people having a hard time making the right choice, especially as each manufacturer makes aggressive claims that their product is the best. If you are having a hard time deciding which one to buy, read this guide and I will let you know the important factors to consider, as well as the top picks that you can find in the market.

Benefits of a Camping Radio

​There are many good reasons to have a camping radio, including the following:

  • Prevent Boredom: Admit it! At some point during a camping trip, you have been bored. A good way to avoid this is to have a portable radio. With the latter, you can listen to music, which will especially be a good idea when gathered at the bonfire and sharing drinks or having a barbecue party. It is an excellent source of entertainment.
  • Improve Safety: Another good thing about having a camping radio is that it can make you stay safe. This is because you will stay informed about possible weather disturbances. Once the radio is able to detect an alert, it will provide you with immediate notification.
  • Enjoy Multifunctionality: This will depend on the specific camping radio that will be chosen. There are some that can be multipurpose, such as a radio that can also double as a camping lantern.

Types of Best Camping Radio

​They can be categorized based on their source of power, each with their respective pros and cons.Generally, here are the different types of camping radio:

Best Camping Radio
  • Battery-powered Camping Radio: This is the most popular from the three, but many people also find it to be the least reliable. This is because batteries often have limited life. It will be best to bring spare batteries with you. It will also be better if the batteries are rechargeable.
  • Solar-Powered Camping Radio: As the name implies, you can charge the battery of this radio by harnessing the energy of the sun. It is equipped with solar cells that convert the sun’s energy to electricity that powers the radio. This, however, can be unreliable when the sun is not out.
  • Hand-cranked Camping Radio: This is my personal favorite from the three. There is a small mechanical crank that you usually have to pull or spin. It functions comparable to a hand-powered generator.

​Choosing the Best Camping Radio

​As you try to evaluate the different products that are available, here are some of the most important factors you should consider:

  • Range: Your camping radio will be useless if the frequency range is minimal. The radio must be able to deliver excellent reception even when you are in a far-off place. Otherwise, your radio will be useless as you won’t be able to listen to music or be alerted in case of an emergency.
  • Volume: This is especially important if you want to listen to music. Also, a higher volume would mean that you can easily hear emergency alerts. Most of the camping radios have a volume that ranges from 80 to 84 dB, which is comparable to the noise of city traffic.
  • Alerts: The best camping radio is one that you can use not only for entertainment, but also for emergency preparedness. With this, one of the essential features is Specific Alert Message Encoding. With the latter, you can set the specific destination where you are so that you will be instantly notified if there are emergency alerts.
  • Durability: Camping is a demanding activity. With this, you should also consider choosing one that is made to withstand wear and tear. It will be good if it has weather-proofing features, such as water-resistance. This will allow you to use it outdoors without worries that it will be easily damaged.
  • Display: Not all camping radios have a display. It will be good if there is a small screen that will display the specific frequency where you are tuned in. This can also display time, among others.
  • Portability: Obviously, you should choose one that is lightweight and compact, which means that this should not be a significant burden for you to carry.
  • Reviews: If you are having a hard time choosing which one to purchase, you should learn from the experiences of other people. This will make it easier for you to narrow down the pros and cons of the options that are available in the market.
  • Warranty: If the manufacturer is confident about the quality of their product, they will not hesitate to offer an extensive warranty coverage, which will give you peace of mind. With the duration of the warranty, if there are defects in the radio, you can have it returned and they will have it either repaired for free or issue a replacement.

Top Picks for the Best Camping Radio

To help you make the right choice, in this camping radio review, we will identify five of the best products that you may want to consider.

iRonsow IS-088 Dynamo Emergency Radio

If you are looking for an option that can prove to be dependable, this is one product that you might want to include in your list. The manufacturer of this radio has built a solid reputation for emergency equipment, which can be more than enough to provide you with peace of mind.

The 3-way charging is one feature that I personally liked. You can power it through batteries. You can also have it charged through solar energy. Alternatively, there is also an option for hand-cranking. Based on the details, hand-cranking it for one minute will power the radio for five minutes.

The compact size of the radio is one more thing you might like, which makes it portable. This is a far cry from radios that are bulky and heavy.

It is also a multipurpose camping radio as it can be used beyond entertainment. It can also function as a handy flashlight. As a part of your survival kit, it is a good thing that it can provide instant alerts in case of emergency situations.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Affordable price
  • Multiple power sources


  • Solar charging could be better
  • Battery life is a bit short

Epica Digital Emergency Solar Hand-Crank Radio

One of the many things that you might love about this radio is the fact that it will never run out of power. It can be powered by battery and it can also be charged by harnessing the energy of the sun. Alternatively, there is also an option for hand-cranking.

At its affordable price, you might be impressed over the fact that this is a multipurpose camping radio. This is because you can use it for charging your phones. To add, it also has a 3-LED flashlight that can provide illumination in the campsite or in emergency situations.

When it comes to portability, you might love this camping radio as well. Its sleek profile will allow you to bring it anywhere and it won’t be too much of an additional weight to your camping gears. It also has a smart design that will allow you to attach it to your belt through a carabiner.

Lastly, it can also provide you with weather alerts. You can sleep in peace in the campsite knowing that the radio will provide you with notification if there is a need to leave because of an upcoming weather disturbance.


  • Affordable price
  • Versatile power supply
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Solar charging can be weak
  • Control buttons can be flimsy

Kaito KA500GRN 5-way Radio

This camping radio can be used not only for listening to music, but also for being immediately alerted if there are weather disturbances in your area. With this, you will instantly know if there is a need to evacuate. This is an excellent camping gear for emergency preparedness.

Do you want a radio that can deliver versatility? This is one option that you might want to include in your list. I loved how it can be powered by batteries, solar energy, and cranking. This means that you can use it almost all the time as you are not limited in terms of the source of power.

The solar panel comes with a smart design. It can be adjusted to up to 180 degrees, which will allow you to have it positioned based on where the sun is shining to maximize the transfer of energy.

It is also a good thing that there are several charging tips. This means that you can use it as well for charging your mobile devices.


  • Delivers multiple functionalities
  • Has emergency alerts
  • Multiple power supply


  • No battery gauge
  • Reception can be problematic

American Red Cross FRX3 Hand Crank Radio

With this radio, you can have peace of mind even when in the campsite. One thing that makes this possible is its emergency alert feature. Just turn on Alert and you will instantly receive emergency forecast, such as when there will be a hurricane or storm in your area.

If you want a radio that can deliver multiple functionalities, you might also want to keep an eye on this model. Aside from being a source of music, it can also double as a flashlight. It can also be an alarm clock.

You might also be impressed with the multiple ways by which you can power this radio. It has a solar panel and it can also function through its batteries. Best of all, it can be manually cranked. Cranking it will not require too much of an effort on your part.


  • Can charge mobile devices
  • Has emergency alerts
  • Easy to crank


  • A bit expensive
  • Sensitive to moisture

Sangean LB-100 Compact AM/FM Ultra Rugged Radio Receiver

Although this radio does not come with weather alerts, this can be an excellent choice if you just want one that can be used for listening to music. With its rugged design, this will last for a long time. It can also resist rain and dust, which makes it perfect for the campsite.

One of the features that I liked about this camping radio is the dual power supply. If you have a generator in the campsite, it comes with a cord, which means that you can plug it in an electrical supply. Alternatively, it can also function through batteries.

The small LCD screen can also prove to be impressive. It is backlit, which means that you can easily see the frequency at which you are tuned in, even during daytime.

In terms of its reception, one thing that you might love is its PLL-synthesized tuning. The latter is an innovative technology that allows it to deliver reliable reception. It will be free from fading.

Lastly, there 5 memory preset buttons, which means that you can quickly access your favorite radio stations.


  • Rugged construction
  • Water-resistant
  • Has an LCD display


  • No weather alerts
  • Can distort at high volume

Final Thoughts

Many of us may be tempted to choose a portable radio on the basis of price alone, thinking that cheaper is better. Nonetheless, I suggest that you always go beyond price. Consider its multiple functionalities. It should offer not only AM/FM, but there should also be weather alerts. You will also benefit from choosing one that can be powered in multiple ways.

So, what is the best camping radio? If there is only one that I can recommend from the five products above, it would be iRonsow IS-088 Dynamo Emergency Radio. This camping radio offers versatility through its three charging modes. It is also lightweight and compact, which makesit portable for your camping trips. Best of all, it has weather alerts to provide you with immediate emergency notifications.


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