Best Electric Hot Plate for Camping: 2017 Top Picks and Reviews

For most people, going on a camping trip is one thing that is often dreaded because they instantly think of how inconvenient it is. You will not have the luxury of a comfortable bedroom. Chances are, there is no decent toilet. Also, you will most probably have no fully-equipped kitchen and there are no restaurants in the campsite. With the latter, you need to have the best electric hot plate for camping.

If you are looking for a portable hot plate, keep on reading the rest of this post and we will help you come up with the right choice. We will start with an identification of the benefits of using a hot plate, as well as the most important factors to consider. We will also list down five of the best products you can find in the market and the features that will make them remarkable.

Benefits of an Electric Hot Plate

​If you often go camping and if you still have not invested in a hot plate, here are some of the benefits that can convince you to buy one:

Best Electric Hot Plate for Camping

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  • Portability: This is perhaps the best thing about an electric hot plate. It is compact andlightweight, allowing you to bring it easily outdoors. It will never be an added bulk for your camping gear, as long as you choose the right product.
  • Even Distribution of Heat: With this benefit, you can be assured of the ability of the hot plate to cook evenly. This is a benefit relative to what can be offered by other types of camping stoves. Such is the case because of the heat from the electric coil.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Hot plates are also good investments because they can be used in more ways than one. While they are common for campers, you can use it even at home or in the patio. It can be an excellent alternative for the conventional stove.

Essential Factors to Consider

In this section, we will have a quick look at some of the most important things that you must consider as you try to evaluate how one product is better than the other.


​One of the first things that you should do is think about the features that you can find in a specific product. Take note, however, that the hot plate can be more expensive if there are more features. To add, if there are lots of features, it can also be more complicated to use. In this case, here are some of the most important features you might want to consider:

  • Temperature Settings: Choose a product that can deliver a high level of versatility. This means that there should be various heat settings, which will allow you to use it in multiple applications. For instance, there should be low heat for simmering or warming. On the other hand, there should be high heat for boiling.
  • Timer: This is important feature for your convenience. It will be good if you can set the timer so that it will automatically turn off on its own when it is supposed to be done cooking. This will also prevent the possibility of overcooking your food.
  • Automatic Shut-off: This will be critical for your safety in the campsite. This means that the unit will automatically turn off when it gets too hot or when it reaches its maximum temperature, which will prevent electrical risks.


​The best electric hot plate for camping is one that is portable. This means that it can be brought in your trips without having to be worried that it will be bulky or heavy. With this ,choose one that has a small size. Nonetheless, this also means that the cooking surface will be smaller hence, you can prepare only meals for a small group or for personal use. If you want one that has a larger capacity, choose bigger electric coils, but they tend to be heavier and larger.


​This is another important consideration in your search for a portable hot plate. It must consume minimal energy, especially because you will most probably be using a generator to have it powered in the campsite. Also, by being efficient, you should consider how quickly it heats up. For sure, no one has the luxury to wait for a long time before the surface is hot enough and ready for cooking.


​Of course, you should choose one that is easy to use. No one has the patience to deal with a complicated product. Fewer buttons are better options, which also means that they are not difficult to operate. In addition, it should also be easy to clean, making it effortless for you to maintain its tip-top shape even after a long time of use.


​This is an important consideration if you want to have peace of mind. Most manufacturers will offer only one-year warranty. It is better if the warranty is longer. This means that when you experience problems in craftsmanship, the manufacturer can have it repaired for free. However, make sure that the problem is not a result of your negligence.

Top Picks for the Best Electric Hot Plate for Camping

Still clueless about which one to choose? Below are five of the options that can prove to be promising.

Cuisinart CB-30 Cast Iron Single Burner Stainless Steel

If there is one thing that can convince you to choose this above others, it would be its brand name. Cuisinart is one of the most popular names in the market for kitchen appliances, which can give you the confidence that it will indeed be a remarkable choice.

The 1,300-watt motor is one feature that you might love about this. To add, there are also six different heat settings that you can easily adjust from the knob in the front. It produces more than enough heat for a number of applications.

To add, it is also impressive that it has a cooking surface that does not come with any coil, unlike in the traditional choices for an electric hot plate. This is good in terms of keeping the cookware stable. More so, this is also beneficial because it makes cleaning a lot easier.

You might also like the cast iron plate not only for its flat design, but also because of its durability. Even through the years, it will not be easily prone to wear and tear, which can make you confident about the quality of the product.


  • Made by a reliable brand
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Sidewalls are made from plastic
  • Takes a while to heat up

IMUSA USA-GAU 80305 1100W Electric Single Burner

One reason why many people have not yet invested in an electric hot plate is because they think it is expensive. In reality, however, it comes with an affordable price. Specifically this model, you can enjoy a good product without the need to spend a lot.

It has a temperature regulating knob in the front, which will allow you to easily make the necessary adjustments. You will have complete control of its heat. Whether you need to slow cook meat or boil water quickly, you can choose the desired level of heat.

The self-regulating feature is another thing that makes this an impressive product. The latter is one thing that can make it more convenient since it has the ability to adjust the heat level on its own.

In the case of electric hot plates, there is no physical flame that is produced, which may make it harder for you to notice if it is already turned on or not. One thing that I liked about this model is how it comes with an indicator light in the front, which will immediately warn you if it is turned on.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • User-friendly
  • Economical price


  • No automatic shut-off
  • Takes quite a while to cool

Elite Cuisine ESB-301BF Maxi Matic Single Buffet Burner Electric Hot Plate

Among others, one thing that I find to be impressive in this product is its 1,000 watts heating power. This means that you do not need to wait for a long time before it becomes hot. Regardless of what you intend to do, you can finish it within a short span of time.

You might also love the cast iron hot plate that is found in this product. It has a flat design, which means that it can easily fit different types of cookware. It is also good that it is easy to clean, making it a snap for you to maintain the hot plate at its best condition.

If you are worried that the unit will be wobbly as you cook, you might be happy knowing that it comes with stable feet. With the latter, it will never slide on the surface and it can remain in a steady position, which is also good for safety.

Lastly, it has a space-saving design, which makes it portable. This will be an excellent addition for your camping gears.


  • Effortless to clean
  • Efficient heating capacity
  • Stays cool to the touch


  • No heat shield
  • Can be easily prone to wear and tear

Elite Cuisine ESB-300X Maxi Matic Electric Hot Plate

This is a 750-watt electric hotplate that can be perfect for camping because of its portability. We love how it comes with a sleek profile, which means that it won’t be too much of an added weight for your camping gear. You can conveniently bring it anywhere!

This can also be an excellent option if you are looking for portability. Even with its cheap price, however, it can deliver decent functionality, although far from what you can expect from high-end models.

If you want a hot plate that can deliver versatility, you might have another good reason to pick this product. It has a strategically-positioned knob that will allow you to easily adjust heat settings. You can choose from Low, Medium, or High, depending on the specific application.

I also loved how it comes with a rubber feet. This makes the base stable, which will prevent the unit from moving when you are cooking. Even if the pan is heavy, you can expect that the hot plate will remain stable in its position. This is also an excellent safety feature.


  • Affordable price
  • Compact design
  • Lightweight construction


  • Low heating capacity
  • Coil takes a while to heat up

VonShef Premium Electrical Single Hot Plate

Many of you might have hesitations about choosing this product because the brand is not as popular. I was initially skeptic as well. Nonetheless, when I looked at the features, I was immediately convinced that this can also provide the best bang for the buck.

Are you impatient? Do you like an electric hot plate that heats up quickly? You have one good reason to consider with product. With 1,500 watts, you can be confident that it will generate the required amount of heat within a short span of time.

The sleek black body, which is made from stainless steel, is aesthetically-pleasing. This can prove to be a good choice if you want camping cookware that is functional, yet style is not compromised in any way.


  • Durable construction
  • Safe to operate
  • Powerful heating


  • A bit expensive
  • Not as popular as other models

Final Thoughts

It is easy to be overwhelmed with the abundance of the options that you will have for the best electric hot plate for camping. Making the right decision can be challenging and confusing. You might be tempted to choose one product only because it is cheap. However, you should go beyond such and think of its quality and functionality.

If I have to pick only one from the five products we have briefly reviewed above, it would be Cuisinart CB-30 Cast Iron Single Burner Stainless Steel. It is made by a brand you can trust. It is lightweight and compact, making it an excellent addition to your camping gears. It is efficient and user-friendly as well.


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