Best Generator for RV Camping: A Quick Guide on What to Choose

Recreational vehicles can take you to a lot of places and will be the perfect opportunity to enjoy great destinations. Whether with family or friends, it will be a lot of fun. However, it can also be frustrating for some people, especially because you are devoid of the luxuries you usually enjoy at home. With this, having the best generator for RV camping can be beneficial in more ways than one.

With the best generator for RV, you can do a lot of things. It can power your air conditioning or heating unit. This will also provide the electricity that is needed for your television, microwave, and other appliances that you have to use in RV camping. You will surely feel more comfortable on the road or campsite, especially if you pick one that is quiet.

In the rest of this post, we will provide you with insights on some of the most important factors to consider, as well as five products you might want to look at. By the time you are finished reading, it will be a lot easier for you to make the right decision.

Types of Generator for RV Camping

The first thing that you have to do is to decide on what specific model should be chosen. To differentiate the possibilities, you should decide on the fuel that is used to power the generator. Here are the options that you will have:

  • Gas: This is one of the most popular option because of the cheap price of gasoline, plus it is readily-available almost everywhere. One of its drawbacks, however, is that it burns quite quickly. You also have to be careful as this is flammable, making it a safety risk.
  • Propane: If you want an environmentally friendly generator for RV camping, this is the best option. Aside from the production of clean emissions, it is also a good thing that it has an extended shelf life. However, it may be inconvenient as it comes with a tank. This can be an added weight and bulk, plus the fuel will be limited based on the size of the tank.
  • Diesel: Compared to gasoline, this is a good choice because it burns cleaner. To add, it is also less flammable, which makes it a safer alternative. Compared to propane, on the other hand, it produces more power. These generators, however, are not widely available, so looking for one can be a bit of a challenge.

How to Choose the Best Generator for RV Camping

​To help you out in narrowing the possibilities and in making the right choice, the following are some of the most important factors you should consider:

Best Generator for RV Camping
  • Power Output: This is perhaps the most important factor to consider in your search for the best generator for RV. You need to consider the size of your vehicle and the appliances that need to run. For most situations, a 2,000-watt portable generator is recommended. This will be more than enough to power most light appliances. Of course, you can always opt for a lesser wattage, especially if you want more efficient fuel consumption.
  • Noise: Ideally, you should choose a generator that is as quiet as possible, which means that it will never disrupt your sleep or conversations. Most of the inverter RV camping generators produce 53 to 60 dB level of noise. This is similar to the background noise in an office. Conventional or older generators, on the other hand, are typically louder.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Obviously, most of us would want a generator that consume less fuel, which means that it will be cheaper to operate. This will also determine the run time of the generator. It must provide power for at least 8 hours. The least you would want is to wake up at midnight just because the generator runs out of fuel and you need to refill it.
  • Size and Weight: Of course, since it is going to be used for RV camping, choose one that is as compact and lightweight as possible. Propane is not preferred because it has a separate tank, which can make it less portable. It is recommended to choose a generator that does not weigh more than 80 pounds.
  • Feedbacks: To increase the likelihood of making the right choice, pay attention to user satisfaction ratings. Go online and take time to read reviews shared by other users. With their experiences, you will find it to be a lot easier to narrow down the possibilities that will confront you.
  • Warranty: If you want to have peace of mind, you should choose a generator that comes with an extensive warranty. This means that you can expect top-notch support from the manufacturer if any problem is experienced within the warranty period. If the manufacturer is confident with the quality of the product, they will not hesitate to offer an extensive warranty.

Top Picks for the Best Generator for RV Camping

In this section, we will have a rundown of some of the best brands and models that you might want to consider, as well as their remarkable features.

Champion Power Equipment 75537i RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator

Among other things, I am personally impressed with the power that can be generated by this product, making it perfect for demanding applications. It has 3,100 starting watts, which will allow you to run more appliances at the same time.

When it comes to portability, you might like this generator as well. This is because it comes with wheels, making it easy to transfer it from one place to another. It is also a good thing that the tires will never get flat.It also has ergonomic handles that will make it easy to carry.

It also has a number of features that will make it user-friendly. For instance, it has a remote control that will make it possible to start it wirelessly. There is also a USB adapter, allowing you to charge your mobile phones and other gadgets.

Another thing that I like about this generator is its Eco mode. With the latter, you can enjoy fuel efficiency. It sets to automatic idle mode so that it uses less fuel when not running on full load.


  • Delivers a lot of power
  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Wheeled design


  • Can be a bit heavy
  • Can sometimes run loud

Briggs & Stratton 30545 P3000 PowerSmart 3,000-watt Inverter Generator

Although this one comes with a high price, this is one of the favorites within the product category. It can deliver 3,000 watts of power, which is one of the reasons for its popularity. Even if you are using multiple appliances simultaneously, this generator can provide dependable power.

One thing that I loved about this model is that it comes with a fuel tank that can hold 1.5 gallons. This can provide power that is enough for 10 hours of operation, specifically at 25% load.

Feature-wise, you might love this portable generator because it comes with an LCD monitor, which makes it distinct from competing models. The latter will make it easy for you to keep track of the functionality of the generator, such as the amount of power consumed.

You might also like it if you are looking for a portable generator. There is a convenient wheel on the other side and there is an ergonomic handle on the opposite side. This will make it easy to take the generator on where you need it.


  • Operates quietly
  • Made by a reliable brand
  • Modern design


  • Comes with an expensive price
  • A bit tricky to use

WEN 56200i Gas-Powered Portable Inverter Generator

What is the most important thing for the best generator for RV camping? If it is quiet operation, this is one thing that you might love. You can have a good sleep or listen to each other properly since the generator operates without making a loud noise.

Among other features, the ECO mode is one that is worth mentioning. The motor has the ability to automatically detect load and adjust its functioning accordingly, which ensures efficient consumption of fuel.

It also has minimal harmonic distortion, which is at less than 1.2%. The good thing about this is that it can make you use even electronics that are sensitive and without worries that they will be damaged.

If the power that can be generated by this generator is not enough for your needs, there is no need to worry. There is an included cable and its design is optimized to make parallel connection. This means that you can connect it with another model to double the power that it can provide.


  • Affordable price
  • Energy-conserving feature
  • Operates quietly


  • Minimal power output
  • Oil depletes quickly

Honda EU20001 2,000-watt Inverter Generator

If you want a product that is made by a reliable brand, this should be on the top of your list. It is made by Honda, which can already be a good reason to consider this above all others.

In terms of power, this is not as powerful as those that are earlier mentioned, Nonetheless, if you need one that can be used only for basic applications, this will be more than enough. If the power is not enough, it is a good thing that you can connect it with a similar model to make it deliver a higher wattage.

Honda Oil Alert is one feature that I personally liked about this model. The latter will provide an immediate notification if the oil is already low and if you need to have it replaced. This is also an important feature for your safety.

This generator comes with a .95-gallon fuel tank capacity. This might be smaller for some people, but it is actually enough for small-scale applications. This minimal tank size also makes it an excellent choice when it comes to portability. It only weighs 46 pounds, which means that it is lightweight.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • User-friendly
  • High fuel efficiency


  • A bit expensive
  • Not as powerful as others

DuroStar DS4000S Gas-Powered Portable Generator

This is another option you may want to consider if you are looking for a budget-friendly alternative. Even with its cheap price, however, you may be happy knowing that it delivers 4,000 watts of power, making it an ideal choice even for demanding applications.

The construction of the tank is also impressive. It is made from solid steel. It might be heavy, but the good thing is that it will last long. It is not easily prone to wear and tear.

This model comeswith a four-gallon fuel tank, which, when full, can run for up to 8 hours. This is provided that it only has half of the recommended load.

There are also features that are intended to reduce the noise that it produces. For instance, there is four-point fully isolated motor mounts to make it quiet and to reduce vibration. It is also a good thing that there is a quiet muffler.

This may be a bit heavy compared to the other models mentioned earlier. If you want, however, you can mount a wheel kit, but this has to be purchased separately This is one accessory that you may want to buy if you want to make it more portable.


  • Affordable price
  • Generates high power
  • Affordable price


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Oil filling is tricky


With the best generator for RV camping, you will enjoy a dependable source of power on the go. This means that you can power different appliances to make your camping experience more convenient. However, it should be noted that not all options are the same in terms of the functionality they can deliver. From the five products mentioned above, if I have to choose only one, I will pick Champion Power Equipment 75537i RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator. The latter has a high power output, while at the same time, it consumes fuel efficiently.


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