Best mosquito head net reviews 2017

Mosquitoes can be some of the most vicious and irritating creatures in the wild and thus it can really be painful to deal with them if you are not prepared. It has also been known the mosquitoes carry various viruses and that malaria can be common in certain places in Africa, while in Brazil the past year, a huge break out of Zeka threatened the population.

The best mosquito nets can really help you to avoid these problems and give you a much better outdoor experience. Mosquito head nets, might not protect you all over, but once the have been combined with the perfect clothing, it should be much easier to keep your entire body safe. We have tested these mosquito nets in real mosquito infested areas and we have come up with the top 5 that we believe must be added to your outdoor equipment.

Before we dive into the top mosquito nets, there are a few things that you need to look for when going to buy a mosquito net headset, but ultimately, they are quite easy to choose from, but many people have come up with some that are better and others that are poorer and will only cost you money. To ensure that you get value for your money, we recommend that you follow this buying guide to make sure your money is well spent.

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Key features to look for in mosquito nets

​You’d think that it is easy to choose the best mosquito head net and that is definitely true, but the cheapest one is not always the most effective one and there are various things that you need to look for to ensure that you get the best one. Some people can even create their own mosquito nets at home, but scientists are much more advanced and offer more benefits to commercially produced mosquito head nets

  • Vision: Having impaired vision in the jungle can be really dangerous and it is never recommended to try walking in the jungle without the capabilities of seeing. It is imperative that your mosquito net does provide you with the opportunity to clearly see in front of you. We recommend looking for a mosquito net with a plain color as this will be much more efficient in the dense bush
  • Durability: While being outdoors, mosquitoes are not the only things you need to worry about when it comes to bugs and many other flying bugs will also try and fly into your face. Some of these bigger bugs have more force in their flight and you need to make sure that you have a durable net to keep these buggers out as well
  • Size: There are various sizes available on the market and thus it will be important to get the perfect size for your head. Having a mosquito net that is too big will leave a neck opening and this will definitely defeat the purpose of the mosquito head net. We also recommend not going to small as this could impair vision and it naturally does require a little distance from mesh materials for our eyes to focus and adjust
  • Additional scents: Certain scents might be bad for mosquitoes, but if it is too sweet to please you, it might be attracting bees. Therefore, we recommend looking at the scent and searching for a neutral and discouraging scent for all bugs. This will keep the bugs away and allow you more freedom and comfort to walk without the constant bussing and attempts to get in the net

Reviews of Best mosquito head net

By using these 4 guidelines, you should easily be able to make the right decision when purchasing your mosquito net. Overall, mosquito nets are quite cheap and it is much easier to afford the best one, but sometimes, you could really strike a bargain, just make sure that these four features are present to give you value

With that being said, let’s look at the top mosquito head nets to make your 2017 outdoor journey much more pleasant:

Premium Mosquito Head Net by EVEN Naturals

When trying out this more advanced mosquito head net, we were astonished to see the amount of vision improvement we had with the black netting over the white. The black netting is great for outdoor use and even near urban areas with the lights on. The black color will absorb the light as opposed to the white reflecting it.

The net is also very dense when it comes to holes and you will have 225 holes per square inch to help keep the mosquitoes and most other bugs out. The thinner designed material is really durable and when you wear the netting feature, you will notice that everything just falls down and there is no tension on the nets to create any weak spots.

Furthermore, the netting is 100% eco-friendly and the added repellent is safe for nature as well as the entire netting feature has been handcrafted. The price is also extremely low and we definitely recommend this netting feature for campers and it can also be considered as a real bargain buy.


  • Black netting for better vision
  • Larger design to accommodate the wear of hats
  • 225 holes per square inch
  • Really affordable


  • No weather protection

Appone Mosquito Hat with Net Mesh

Featuring a more complex design, the Appone mosquito hat will be great for trekking through the jungle and you will no longer have to worry about getting wet just to keep the mosquitoes away. The head net also features a waterproof and UV resistant hat, which has already been built in to allow you more freedom when walking.

The green mesh color is quite dense and no bugs will manage to find its way past while enjoying your outdoor adventure and the secure neck fitting will also make this great for putting inside your collar to ensure there are no places for the mosquitoes to enter. The head net is also really easy to put on and the stretchable material makes it great for fitting everyone.

Finally, we were really impressed by the fact that this mosquito head net can even be used against bees and many bee farmers like the product for the multifunctional use, but overall, we recommend this head net for anyone walking through the swamp and trying to keep dry outdoors close to mosquitoes


  • Waterproof hat design
  • Dense and durable netting to keep bees out as well
  • Eco-friendly design and repellent
  • Great for multifunctional use


  • Netting does begin to wear over time and with prolonged use

Mosquito Head Net by Eamee

The mosquito head net by Eamee has been designed for keeping you safe in the wilderness and the dense holes per square inch feature will allow you to easily walk through most places. The netting is quite loose and this will be beneficial for keeping out other big bugs, but it might not take away the irritation of flies buzzing close by, but we recommend adding your very own repellent to make sure everything does stay away.

The loose neck fitting is easy to adjust and thus it will be an easy fit for everyone and with the spacious interior, you will also be able to comfortably wear your hat. The darker colored mesh will also help give you a clearer vision, but we believe that you will need to have your own protection from the rain

This mosquito head net is best recommended for scouting trips and camping, but we believe it might not be able to cover all your bases when you are venturing deeper into the jungle


  • Darker netting for better vision
  • Larger fit to accommodate hats
  • Easy to adjust neck fitting


  • No weather protection

Sea to Summit Mosquito Head Nets

The Sea to Summit Mosquito head net is one of the bigger and much more efficient mosquito head nets on the list, but it is also a little bit more expensive. If you need quality and great protection, this head net should work perfectly for you and the soft multifilament polyester materials are great for providing you comfort, while the black mesh is much better at giving you perfect vision than the white. The black mesh is also better when walking close to light in the dark and it will not reflect the light.

The 500 holes per square inch make this net extremely dense and thus, you will not have any problems with any bugs getting inside. The loose fitting style will be great for ensuring that nature is still protected and if a bug does fly into the net, it will absorb the pressure and the bug will slide down.

Finally, this head net is large on the inside and you will have the opportunity of wearing it with or without a hat to help add weather protection to your outdoor hiking experience. We definitely recommend this for all outdoor campers and people with larger heads.


  • Larger than average interior
  • 500 holes per square inch will keep everything out
  • Eco-friendly materials and design
  • Easy to use and adjust


  • No weather protection

Natuworld Outdoor Camouflage Anti-mosquito Bees Fly Hat

Sometimes when we are outdoors, we feel the need of going for things with style and this camouflaged mosquito head net will give you that opportunity. The head net is protected from all weather conditions and the built-in hat will be great for keeping the water off your face. When you also add the fact that the mesh is black, you will heave perfect vision for your outdoor experience.

On the inside of this net, you will also receive another built-in chinstrap. This is great for providing you with the perfect fit and to ensure that you never have that feeling of having a bag over your face. Unfortunately, the stiffness does hinder you from using this mosquito net for sleeping, but the more than 200 holes per square inch will definitely keep everything out.

Finally, this net is also great for use by beekeepers and reducing the amount of flies that will irritate you. This can be further enhanced by adding a nature safe repellent and we definitely recommend this for multifunctional use to ensure that you have value for you money


  • Stiff and rigid design will be great for beekeepers
  • 100% weatherproof
  • Added chin strap for the perfect fit


  • Fairly priced, but might be a little expensive

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Final Thoughts

It is quite easy to get a great mosquito net and for us, it is hard to believe that some people are not taking advantage of this. We definitely recommend all of the mosquito nets on this list, but the Sea to Summit Mosquito Head Net does stand out for the multi-functionality and durability that it provides.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would also like to encourage you to let us know if you have any more questions about mosquito nets. With these mosquito nets, you will be able to enjoy the outdoors much better and keep those pesky bugs away


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