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Motorcycle Camping: A Quick Guide on Everything You Need to Know

Looking for the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors? Thinking of how to spend the night after a long ride? Motorcycle camping can prove to be a promising choice!

Although it is no longer as popular as it was several years ago, motorcycle camping is a perfect alternative to a cheap motel. Also, it provides you with a good way to enjoy the outdoors and to have fun, either on your own or with a group of other riders.

If you are thinking of trying motorcycle camping one of these days, let go of all the hesitations. Just try it, and for sure, you will have a lot of fun and you will end up doing it more often.

In the rest of this post, we will provide you with valuable insights that can be helpful in planning your motorcycle camping trip. Be armed with the right knowledge to make the most out of your experience.

Why You Should Try Motorcycle Camping

If until now you still have not experienced motorcycle camping, this can possibly be because you are not aware of its benefits. Here are some of the compelling reasons that can convince you to give it a shot:

  • Enjoy the Outdoors: Among others, this is perhaps one of the best reasons why you should try motorcycle camping. This is a good way to reconnect with nature, play silly games, and just enjoy the fresh air, away from the hustle and bustle of city living.
  • Cheaper than Motels: If you are going on a long road trip, forget about spending the night in dingy and cheap motels. Instead, set up a tent in a classified camping area. You will be able to save a few bucks.
  • Adventurous Experience: If you are looking for something new to try, motorcycle camping should be on the top of the list. Enjoying a bonfire at night and hunting during the day, among others, will make this an unforgettable experience.

What To Bring for Motorcycle Camping

Before heading out to the campsite, it is important to demonstrate a high level of preparedness. With this, the following are some of the things that you must have to be guaranteed of having a comfortable and hassle-free experience:

  • Luggage: This is what you will need to keep everything organized. Choose one with a size that is right for all the things that you need. It would also be wise to pick a luggage that will offer protection from the rain to be assured that your things will be kept dry.
  • Tent: You need to have a shelter that can provide an enclosed space for you to sleep. This is where the tent enters the picture. Make sure that the tent is roomy, yet compact. See to it as well that it will be a snap to have it assembled in the campsite.
  • Sleeping Pad: Comfort is one of the things that should be given priority when you are in a campsite. With this, bring a sleeping pad that is thick enough to provide the cushioning that will be needed by your back. For portability, an air mattress will be a good idea. When deflated, you can have it easily stored in your luggage since it is space-efficient.
  • Cooking Gear: When you are in the campsite, the least that you would want is to go hungry. While you can bring prepared and ready-to-eat meals, if you have the patience to spare, you can also cook your own food. There are many cooking gears that are portable enough, making them fit in your luggage.
  • Navigation Tool: A GPS installed in your motorcycle or in your phone can also prove to be handy. This will make sure that you will reach your destination in time as you will be guided with every twist and turn that you have to make.

Choosing the Right Destination

When it comes to motorcycle camping, one thing that can make or break the entire experience will be the specific choice of location. With this, you should exert effort in looking at the possibilities to increase the likelihood of making the right choice.

First, you must make sure that it is legal to camp in the chosen destination. Check out with the local laws to avoid being in trouble with the authority. The least that you would want is to be kicked out by the police while you are at the middle of a fun and relaxing camping experience.

In some cases, you also need to make reservations to secure a spot. If the campsite is a managed property, make sure to book in advance so that you will be able to avoid disappointment.

Look at the amenities that are present in the camping area as well. Some are bare forests, while there are others that tend to be more upscale and they have shower rooms, among others.

At the end of the day, thorough research will take you far. If you are patient enough, it will be more likely that your motorcycle camping experience will be one for the books.

Find the Right Shelter

From all of the gears that you have to bring with you in the campsite, the tent is perhaps one of the most important, if not the most important. This is going to serve as your temporary home, making it essential to consider it as an investment.

When choosing which tent to bring, it should be compact enough so that it can be easily fitted in your luggage. However, it should be roomy enough so that you will have the space that you will need for a good sleep, as well as for the gears that you need to keep inside.

If possible it would be best to use a weather-proof or all-season tent. This will keep you dry, safe, and comfortable regardless of the conditions of the environment.

Before you head to the campsite, see to it that you are already familiar with the basics of setting up the tent. Double check all the parts to be sure that you did not forget anything.

Safety Should be a Priority

When picking the right destination for your camping, another important consideration would be your safety. You need to make sure that you will be able to sleep peacefully at night knowing that you are in a safe place.

One of the most common threats when it comes to camping would be bears. In this case, aside from choosing the right place, it will also help if you have bear sprays with you.

Having a flashlight is another thing that you can do to stay safe in the campsite, specifically at night. It will allow you to see the surroundings, including any impending threat.

It is also highly-recommended that you bring with you bottled water, just to be sure that it is clean. Many campers had shared nightmare stories where they ended up with serious problems because of the consumption of contaminated water from the campsite.

As much as possible, you should never go camping on your own. If it is inevitable that you will have to go solo, make sure to find the right place and be familiar about the people who will be with you in the campsite.

If you are on your own, always inform your family and friends about your whereabouts, including your specific location. If it will help, take pictures of the surroundings and send it to them, as well as people who are with you.

You should also always keep a watchful eye, which will make you more prepared for any risk that can confront you, especially in the case of wild animals. Be aware of your surroundings all the time.

Never Get Hungry

Consider yourself lucky if you will be camping in a site that has its own restaurant or that is in proximity with several establishments that will allow you to have easy access to food. In most instances, however, you will be left with no option but to eat what you have brought or cook your own meal.

If in case you will bring your own meals, make sure that they will last for days even without being kept in the fridge. Bring foods that will not be easily prone to spoilage. Also, make sure that it is going to be kept in a safe place so that it cannot be seen by stray animals.

It will be good to invest in metal canisters and bear-safe containers. They are strong enough so that you can just leave them on the ground instead of having to hang them.

Another important thing that you should do is to never leave food containers open and pick out any trash that may have a strong scent associated with food. This can be easily traced by animals.

If you plan to cook, on the other hand, you should bring with you a portable cooking equipment. However, before cooking, first be sure that it is allowed. It is also important to be careful to avoid the risk of fire.

As part of all your preparations, it is also important that you plan your meal ahead of time. This will make it easier for you to know what you should bring with you before heading to the campsite.

If you intend to cook, you should look for easy-to-prepare recipes that are meant specifically for the campsite. They won’t take too much of your time and you won’t need a lot to prepare these dishes.

The Importance of Dressing Properly

Once you are already in the campsite, you should also pay attention to the way that you dress. This is important because it will be indicative of your comfort, which will affect your sleep.

Your camping attire should perfectly complement the weather. Would you wear tank tops and clothing with thin fabrics if you know that you will be in a cold place? Research about the weather so that you will know what clothes you must bring.

You should also be dressed in such a way that you will be protected from the outdoors, especially from mosquitoes. Wearing pajamas is common, especially in an area with lots of insects.

Synthetic materials are generally preferred over cotton, not only for sleeping in the campsite, but also when riding your motorbike. It can keep you well-ventilated while at the same time, it is also a good thing that it is lightweight.

When packing for motorcycle camping, keep your luggage as light as possible, so bring only the right amount of clothes that you will need. It is not a fashion show or an opportunity to get dressed up. Bring with you only the basics.

Be Prepared for Medical Emergencies

When it comes to motorcycle camping, one thing that you should never leave without would be a first aid kit. It is inevitable that accidents can happen in the campsite, which is why it pays to be prepared all the time.

The first aid kit should have the basic medicines that you need, as well as antiseptic wipes, antibacterial ointment, bandages, gauze pads, safety pins, wraps, throat lozenges, paramedic shears, cotton swabs, and thermometer, among others. There are many first aid kits that you can buy, which already contain everything that you will need.

You should be knowledgeable about how to handle basic medical emergencies, such as what to do in case of a snake or insect bike, burns, or a broken bone, among other unfortunate situations that can happen when in the campsite.

Leave without a Trace

After all the fun, when it is time to finally head out of the campsite, be responsible enough to clean the area. See to it that no trash will be left behind. Leave the place as you have seen it when you first arrived.

Also, do not take anything from the campsite. As they save, you must take nothing but memories and pictures. Respect the campsite the way you want your personal property to be respected.


Indeed, motorcycle camping is a lot of fun, especially if you do all the necessary preparations before heading out. Keep in mind the things that have been mentioned above, and for sure, you will have an epic outdoor experience that will make you look forward for the next.

  • Updated January 7, 2017
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