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Portable Power Supply for Camping: Your Reliable Outdoor Companion

As much as camping is a fun activity, it is inevitable that it can also turn into a nightmare, making you swear to never try it again. From sweating in the middle of an uncomfortable sleep to running out of battery while having no place to charge your phone, there are many unfortunate situations that can happen. In most instances, there is one thing to be blamed – the lack of electricity. With this, for a more enjoyable experience, it will be good to invest in a portable power supply for camping.

In the rest of this post, we will tackle more about the different types of portable power supply and why you need them when camping. Also, we’ll let you know some of the most important considerations that will help you to make the right decision.

Types of Portable Power Supply for Camping

If you are looking for the best, the following are some of the types that are available in the market:

  • Generators: If you need a lot of power in the campsite, this is what you should have. It might be bulky, heavy, and noisy, but the good thing is that it can provide power for different devices all at once. They use gas to produce power.
Generators for camping
  • Solar Panels: Unlike generators, there is no need for gas. It is also not noisy. Instead, they make use of photovoltaic cells that can be charged through the heat of the sun. This is an eco-friendly option, but it may be limited in terms of the power it can produce.
Solar Generator For Camping
  • Power Bank: If you are looking for portability, this should be on the top of your list. They usually have limited power capacity, but will be good enough for charging laptops, mobile phones, or lights in the campsite.

Benefits of Portable Power Supply

Whether it is battery pack or solar panels for camping, they can be beneficial in more ways than one, including through the following:

  • Charge Your Gadgets: Don’t you just hate it when your phone runs out of battery? That means you will no longer be able to take photos, call your family and friends, check out the latest with your friends through their social media accounts, and do other things using your phone.
  • Work even Outside: There are some instances wherein even when in the campsite, you need to work. What if your laptop runs out of battery? A portable battery will let you charge it even if there is no electricity.
  • Stay Safe: In the campsite, a portable battery pack can provide the power that is needed for the lights to function. This will make it easier for you to monitor what is happening around and prepare for an impending threat.
  • Be Entertained: It will also make it possible to prevent boredom in the campsite. You can have continuous music playing in the background. You can dance all night and party with your friends.
  • Cook Conveniently: Portable power supply will also provide the electricity that is needed for electric stoves and cookers to function. You will never go hungry, and best of all, there is no need to exert too much effort if you want to cook.

Choosing a Portable Power Supply for Camping

In this section, we will have a quick discussion of some of the things that you have to remember before purchasing a portable power supply. This section will be divided based on the specific type of power supply.

Portable Battery Pack


Personally speaking, this is what I can recommend. It packs just the right amount of power, yet it is still portable. In this case, the following are some of the things that should be taken into account:

  • Size and Weight: The most important is for it to be portable. It should be compact and lightweight, which will allow you to easily bring it in the campsite.
  • Power: The power output is another essential consideration, if not the most important. This is usually expressed in volts. If it has a 5-volt rating, this will be more than enough for charging your smartphone or Bluetooth speakers. Those within the 12 to 24-volt range, on the other hand, can be used even for laptops or camping lanterns.
  • Charging Time: How long will it take before the portable battery pack is fully-charged? This is one of the most important questions you should ask. More often than not, the more powerful the battery is, the longer is the time needed to have it recharged.
  • Durability: It is important that it must be able to withstand wear and tear. It is good to choose one that is rugged. It must be able to withstand shock, as much as possible. Pay attention to the materials that are used and its overall construction.
  • Type of battery : One of the most popular is Nickel Metal Hydride, which usually uses AA or AAA battery. This should already provide you with an idea of how weak it is. Lithium ion and lithium polymers, on the other hand, are similar to what you can find in the batteries that are integrated in personal electronics. If you want the greatest power output, lead acid is the best, although it can be heavy.

Portable Solar Panel

Portable solar charger

If you are going to buy solar panels for camping, on the other hand, below are some of the most important factors that should be taken into account:

  • Surface Area : If you want the panels to attract more energy from the sun, choose one that comes with a larger surface area. This may not be the most portable, but it can provide the power for demanding applications.
  • Foldability : There are generally two types of solar panels that are available. One is a rigid panel, which has a fixed shape. For a camping battery pack, the better option is the semi-rigid panel. The latter can be rolled, which makes it easier in terms of portability.
  • Power Output: If you want a reliable camping companion, make sure that it can deliver power output that is more than enough for your needs. This is usually stated in watts. The higher the wattage is, the more powerful it is.

Other Considerations

Those that will be mentioned below, however, will be applicable regardless of the type of portable power supply for camping:

  • Duration of the Trip: Are you camping only for a night over the weekend? Or are you going to camp for a couple of days and venture on a road trip? Obviously, the longer you are in the campsite, the more powerful is the battery that will be needed.
  • Location: This is important especially if you are contemplating on buying portable solar panels. For the latter to provide the power that you require, it must be charged from the heat of the sun for about 4 to 8 hours a day. Therefore, if you are in a place where it is raining or snowing, this is obviously not the right choice for you.
  • Charging Port: It will be good if there are multiple charging ports in your portable power supply. There should be at least three. This means that you will be able to charge more simultaneously. However, keep in mind that charging several gadgets at a time would also mean that the battery will drain quicker.
  • Care and Maintenance: Regardless of which one you choose, see to it that it will be effortless to clean and maintain. This will help to prolong the functional life of the product, providing you with the assurance that it will always demonstrate its peak performance.
  • Safety: Pay attention as well to the safety features of the battery. It must never be a fire or electrical hazard. See to it that it is from a genuine manufacturer to be confident of its safe use. Also, follow the instructions from the manufacturer, as well as the limitations that they have specified. It will also be good to avoid overcharging the battery.
  • Reviews: Still having a hard time deciding which one to buy? It will be good to consult with the opinions of other people, especially in the form of online reviews. There are many camping enthusiasts who are generous enough to share their experiences, which will be a good starting point for you to narrow down the possibilities.
  • Warranty: If you want to have peace of mind, it is necessary to choose a product that comes with an extensive warranty coverage. This means that the manufacturer will offer free repair or replacement of parts if it experiences defects within the warranty period. This is provided that you abide with the terms and conditions of the company.

A Final Note

In sum, a portable power supply for camping is indeed a must-have for all outdoor enthusiasts. You can use it in more ways than one. It can help to make camping safer, more comfortable, and enjoyable. With the abundance of the options that are available, however, you need to find one that is suited for your needs and budget.


My name is William, a family man with two kids and the passion for camping. I started Pandaneo with sharing memorable camping experiences back as a newbie camper, introducing my family to the love for the great outdoors. As time passed, we started traveling across states, trying to hit as many campsites we can!