Top 50 Camping Hacks for Family Camping 2017

While there is no doubt that family camping is a whole lot of fun, there is also no denying that it is not easy. From the preparation of your camping gears to making sure that everyone will have a fun time, there are many things that you need to take care of. To avoid frustration, below are the top 50 camping hacks for family camping 2017 that you need to know.

1. Use clear tubs for packing camping essentials, such as first aid kit and food. Because it is transparent, it will be easy to see what is inside without the need to open each container.

2. An old-age hack to save space when camping is to roll clothes. Especially because you are going out as a family, you will benefit from packing this way since you will be able to bring more in your bag.

3. Outside the tent, put a designated area as a foot washing station. This is a good way to encourage proper hygiene and to make sure that dirt will not be transferred inside the tent.

4. Bring toys and activity bags. This is especially true if there are kids. This will keep them busy during downtime and will help to prevent tantrums.

5. Rather than bringing whole eggs for your breakfast omelets, scramble them in advance and keep them in a plastic bottle with tight seal. This will help you save a lot of space and will prevent the eggs from breaking.

packing egg for camping

6. Bring compact and microfiber towels. Compared to traditional towels, they are smaller and best of all, they will dry quickly.

7. Rather than bringing huge mattresses or sleeping pads, a better alternative is an inflatable mattress. This is compact as you only have to blow it when it is ready to be used. Best of all, it is also multipurpose. You can also use it as a floating device for a relaxing time by the lake.

8. Aside from an inflatable bed, a camping hammock will also be an excellent alternative for sleeping. It is compact and lightweight. You can set it up easily almost anywhere.

9. Tick can be a big problem in the campsite. With this, you can make your own all-natural tick deterrent. One of the easiest ways to do this is simply combine water and distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle. The strong scent of the vinegar is one thing that ticks hate the most.

10. Let go of the traditional camping lantern, which is sure to be bulky. Instead, using a conventional headlamp, wrap it on a plastic bottle. This will be more than enough to provide the lighting that you need in the campsite or inside the tent.

wrap headlamp on a plastic bottle

11. Aside from grilled meat, grilled fruits and vegetables will also make great camping food. This is a good way to encourage children to eat healthy, even when camping. Use dips and sauces so that the vegetables will taste more appealing for the little ones.

12. Use foam squares that you have in the play area at home. As the tent lining, this will prevent sharp objects from piercing the surface and will also make the floor more comfortable.

13. Bring shower caps and use it as a shoe cover. By doing this, you can easily put dirty shoes in the bag without the need to be worried that dirt and mud will smear your clothes.

14. Sage fir is also a great item to have in the campsite. This will be the perfect alternative to mosquito repellents that contain toxic chemicals. Sage is a natural way to keep mosquitoes out. This will make sure that you will have a more comfortable sleep.

15. Wrap duct tape around a water bottle or any other cylindrical object that you will be bringing with you in the campsite. You will never know when a tape will be handy when camping. You can use it to fix minor leaks in the tent or to treat blisters, among other things.

16. Use ready brew packets for your coffee. In a small packaging, you have everything that you will need for your caffeine fix. This is better than bringing bulky containers of coffee, sugar, and creamer. Plus, you can be guaranteed of the right mix and best taste all the time.

17. Create pre-made pancake mixes at home. This means that you no longer have to bring bulky ingredients in cartons or containers. All that you have to do is to mix all-purpose flour, baking powder, salt, and nonfat dairy milk. Prepare your pancake whenever you are ready.

18. Doritos is an effective choice for kindling. If you do not have newspaper or any other firestarter, just throw in a bunch of Doritos chips and light it up. You will be surprised with how quick and easy it will be able to start fire.

19. A hanging shoe organizer will help to keep things neat. Since it is positioned vertically, this will also be a space-fficient solution. You can use it to hold your camping supplies.

20. A DIY fire starter is also an essential when camping. Stuff dryer lint or sage leaves in a toilet roll. This is an easy way to create fire for cooking.

21. If toilet is not available in the campsite, create your own poop station. While you can buy a portable bucket toilet, you can use a garbage bin, plastic liner, and a pool floatie as a comfortable seat.

22. If the camping involves trekking, use biodegradable trail marking tapes. The latter will make it easy for you to find your way back in the woods. Just make sure that it is biodegradable so that it will not be bad for the environment.

23. Silicone cups are also essential. They are lightweight and unbreakable. You can easily stash them anywhere, unlike traditional cups that will be bulky.

24. When in the campsite, you have to be ingenious and find a way to make use of some of the things that you can see. With this, acorns will make a great whistle. The cap of the acorn, and not the whole part, can be transformed into a whistle.

25. Pack your wet wipes. It will be useful in more ways than one. It will be an excellent and compact alternative to toilet paper. You can use it to clean hands and face without using water.

26. Bring an inflatable sofa. Since they are packed deflated, they are space efficient. This is also going to be a multipurpose addition to your camping gear. It can be used even for sleeping. Best of all, you can also use it as a floating device.

27. Use Tic-Tac containers for storing cooking essentials, such as powdered garlic, cayenne pepper, paprika, cardamom, and chili flakes, among others.

28. Thinking of the perfect way to amplify sound from your phone? You do not need to bring bulky and expensive speakers. A paper cup will be more than enough to make sound louder.

29. Use belt and hooks for hanging pots and pans, as well as other camping essentials. Simply wrap the belt around the tree and place some hooks. This is one of the easiest ways to stay organized when in the campsite.

30. Pack lots of oranges as they will not only make nutritious camping snacks, but you can also use them as candles. Remove the middle portion of the fruit and add a little cooking oil to have a makeshift candle.

31. Make sure that you have a deodorant, not only to avoid body odor, but also because it will make an excellent addition to your first aid kit. Deodorant can treat bug and mosquito bites. It will provide instant relief from itching.

32. While there are many ways to start a campfire, one of the easiest is to use cardboard egg carton. Fill the slots with charcoal nuggets. Once it is lit, you will be surprised with how easily it can start a fire.

33. Do you have large pill bottles at home? You can also use it as a small container for first aid essentials, such as Band-aid, cotton balls, and alcohol pads.

34. Make popcorn in the campsite even without a microwave. Wrap the popcorn kernels in an aluminum foil, cover the top, and attach it to a string. Place it on the top of a source of fire. Shake the aluminum foil and wait until the kernels pop.

35. Make your footwear waterproof. One of the simple tricks to try is to rub it with beeswax. Use a blow dryer afterwards. This will make your feet more comfortable as it will not be wet.

36. Use an old coffee container as a toilet paper holder. This will protect it from easily getting wet, and hence, providing you with the assurance that it will not go to waste.

37. With a Styrofoam cooler and a few other supplies, you can create your own DIY camping air conditioner. This will make you more comfortable during the summer months.

38. Rent a trailer. Rather than sleeping in a conventional tent, a trailer will be an excellent alternative. Also, this will allow you to bring more with you as you camp with the whole family.

39. Cut straws and fill it with toothpaste or ointment. The single-use packets will be space-efficient. Seal the ends by using a lighter.

40. While there are countless foods that you can prepare ahead of time, bring energy bites. They have protein, making sure that everyone will be energetic. Plus, they are also filling, provided that you use the right ingredients.

41. Before leaving home, freeze water in containers. This will double as an ice pack. It will not make the cooler soggy. Best of all, when the ice melts, it can also be used as a drinking water.

42. Place matches in a mason jar rather than their original boxes. This will help to keep the matches dry. Also, place a sandpaper on the top, making it easy for you to produce fire.

43. Use a tin can as a portable grill. It may be small, but in most cases, it will be more than enough for preparing BBQ in the campsite.

44. You do not need to bring pillows for camping. You can create pillows out of your camping gears. Your backpack stuffed with your clothes will give your head a good place to rest. In the same way, a rolled towel will also be a good make-shift pillow.

45. If you ever drop your phone in water, do not fret. There is an easy solution to bring it back into life. A simple solution is to keep it in a bag of rice for 24 to 48 hours. Rice is known as an excellent absorber of moisture, which is why it will do the trick.

46. It will also help to learn different knots before heading to the campsite. This is a basic survival technique that will be useful in more ways than one, from first aid to making your shelter in the wild.

47. Place glow sticks inside transparent bottles. This will be excellent to create mood lighting inside the tent. Alternatively, you can also use it to light paths leading to the toilet.

48. Plan your meals ahead of time. You cannot be spontaneous with food, especially if you are camping with kids, who happen to be picky eaters. Choose those that you can prepare in advance without the risk of easily spoiling.

49. Create your own soap pouch. Because the soap will have its own cloth cover, there should be no problem even if you accidentally drop it on the ground.

50. Bear-proof your food. There are bear canisters that will make sure your food will be safe from unwanted guests in the campsite. Alternatively, you can also hang it on a tree, although this may require quite more of an effort on your end.

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