The Ultimate Guide to Camping With Dogs

Camping isn’t just great for people, but for pets as well! You will often see people camping out with their dogs and enjoying the great outdoors with their furry friends. Dogs do not only provide great company, but they are also for added security and protection as well, able to ward off little creatures or people. Plus, they are company that won’t annoy you with constant jabbering, if that’s what you hate! All joking aside, camping with your dog is definitely a great experience for you both, as your dog will also be able to enjoy the vast camping grounds and nature.

You will even be able to find camping grounds that cater to camping with dogs! With a professional team of veterinarians and staff, they have a list of schedule and activities you will be able to do with your furry pet, making sure that both you and your dog will have a safe and quality time together throughout the whole camping trip.

Safe Camping With Dogs

Dog at Campground in Front of Man Playing Guitar

BUT, just like camping with kids and other people, you must know how to camp with your dog properly. Since the dog has a different mindset, you must prepare him before your trip, making sure that he has what he needs and will behave throughout the camping trip. This will mean extra preparation and planning, as well as training your dog beforehand to avoid any accidents or injuries. Here is a camping with dog guide that will help you and your pet during your next trip!

Camping With Your Dog Guide

There are some factors you will need to consider when camping with your dog, which is why you will need to list these things down in order to be fully prepared for anything that may come to you and your dog’s way when camping. After all, you wouldn’t want any accidents to happen! Here are some tips to follow when camping with your dog to ensure a fun and safe trip:


There are some things that you will need to prepare not only for yourself, but for your dog as well. This is not limited to just food and water, but equipment your dog may need in order to keep comfortable throughout the whole trip. These are some basic things that you should be packing for your dog:

  • Water – You should be packing enough water for you and your dog in case the camping grounds do not provide drinking water. Don’t let your dog drink in other bodies of water, as he may get sick!
  • Food – For both you and your dog. Bring his usual dog food and some treats if ever he goes peckish during the car ride, or if you would like him to behave.
  • Food bowl – You wouldn’t want your dog to be eating off your own utensils or from the ground!
  • Proper bedding – Make sure your dog sleeps soundly, especially if he won’t be sleeping in the tent. There are dog house tents or beddings you can find for sale.
  • Toys – For the times your dog needs entertainment and for other activities as well. This includes balls, frisbees, or his favorite stuffed animal to make him comfortable.
  • Leash and collar – In case yo uwould like to leave him in the camping site and not want him to go astray, or if you would like to walk him around without him running away. The collar can be used for identification purposes as well.
  • Pet’s documents such as medical certificates, health records, vaccination reports, may be needed before taking your dog to the camping grounds to ensure that he is fit and healthy for camping with others around.
  • Plastic bags for your dog’s waste and trash.
  • First aid kit for your dog, as well as medication if he is taking any.
  • In case you’re witha small dog, maybe a crate or hand carry bag is necessary for you to keep him in.
  • Any cosmetics or products your dog needs, such as brushes for ticks, or a light for your dog’s collar.


There is a slight difference between house training your dog and training him for camping. Since the camping grounds can be vast and big, there is a different etiquette your dog should know about before camping with other people. He will be interacting and meeting new faces, along with having a whole different environment as his temporary home, which is why proper preparation and training is needed in order for your dog to feel comfortable throughout the whole camping trip. Here is how you should train your dog before and during the camping trip:

  • Have your dog acquainted with the long car ride going to the camping grounds by driving him around town, taking a few short trips with him to have him get used to the drive.
  • Make sure that your dog is also acquainted with trails, especially if he is not used to being outdoors. Walk him around trails or your backyard, or even around the neighborhood where he can interact with other people.
  • He will also need to be used to being in a cage or in restraint if ever you choose to go out without him when camping. Train him to know that he’s stil safe even when in restraint.
  • If your dog will be sleeping in the tent with you, have him trained to sleep in a certain area to avoid him being restless throughout the night.
  • Some dogs howl in the night. Train him not to make any excessive noise and to be friendly to other people, especially to strangers around the camping site. But also make sure he is trained to protect you in times of trouble!
  • Your dog should know the basic training and behavior, such as how to sit or stay. He should also know how to come to you and be acquainted with his name when you call it.

Camping Activities With Your Dog

The fun part about camping with your dog is that there are a number of activities you will be able to do with them outdoors that you can’t at home! Here are some activities you can have planned with your dog when camping:

  • Hiking is one of the best ways to acquaint your dog with the great outdoors. Both of you will be able to appreciate the exercise and surroundings of the trail.
  • If the camping grounds have pols or bodies of water, you can go swimming or do any water sports with your dog, which includes fetch. Just make sure that you and your dog know how to swim and that the waters are shallow, or at least not deep enough to have on drowning. Also, stay away from strong waves or currents.
  • With the camping grounds being a huge field, it can be time for your dog to play fetch in the unlimited space! Practice agility and sports through obstacles and use these games to train your dog on how to survive and get past obstacles.
  • Teach your dog new tricks while camping, play scent games that can enhance his ability to see and sniff out your clothes or other natural things such as trees and plants.
  • Some camps with bodies of water nearby have canoeing activities or diving games for you and your dog to enjoy.
  • With the outdoors, it’s a great idea for a photoshoot! Take photos with your dog and have the time of your life capturing memorable moments with you and your dog.

Dog Safety

Your dog needs to be safe. After all, some dogs become restless during the whole trip and can go lost, or worse, get into any injury or accident. To prevent this, you must be prepared for your dog to be safe and well protected. Here are some tips to ensure the safety of your dog:

  • Make sure your dog is vaccinated and in top health, not coming out from a fever or anything. That way, he is strong enough for the car ride and whole camping activities you have prepared.
  • It’s recommended to have your dog microchipped in case he gets lost in the camping grounds and to identify him as your dog.
  • Know your dog well enough. You should be acquainted with his hunger or thirst cues and to see that he is comfortable and not feeling peckish.
  • Always keep an eye on your dog and have him leashed while you’re doing something else, such as setting up the tent.
  • Make sure that your dog is away from items that can cause injury, such as a campfire or trees with falling debris.
  • To avoid him from getting sick, have him checked for ticks while camping, and see to it that he is comfortable and feeling well.
  • Let your dog rest and acquaint him with the area. Dogs are great with direction, so once he knows the area, he will know how to go back to the camping site if ever they turn loose.
  • Never leave your dog unattended, especially when they sleep outside the tent. Make sure that if it rains, he has shelter or at least an umbrella or jacket to keep him warm and dry.
  • If you feel like your dog won’t be able to handle the terrain or trail, leave him in the camping site to avoid injury or accidents.

First Aid Kit for Dogs

Not only do humans have first aid kits, but dogs as well! Here are some things to pack for your dog’s first aid kit if ever something does happen:

  • Coated aspirin
  • Septic powder or any tick/flea powder
  • Nail cutters
  • Ear and eye ointment
  • Tweezers
  • Bandages and tape
  • Splints
  • Snake bite kit (If you will be camping in places that are known to have poisonous snakes)
  • Blood stop powder
  • Antibiotics
  • Blood stop powder, as well as kotex or a bandana

Sometimes, accidents and injuries can be inevitable. That’s why it’s safe to be prepared for what may come rather than to end up being unprepared. Make sure you know the contact numbers to nearby pet hospitals, as well as your dog’s local vet. You should also make sure that if an accident does occur, do NOT panic as it may set your dog into a frenzy as well. Calmly have the problem solved and get help if needed, leaving someone to look after your dog if ever you need to leave.


When it comes to camping, there are various activities you will be able to do with your loved ones. Campfires, games, survival activities, and so much more! Not only will it be a great learning experience for your family and friends, but you will also have the best time of your life and improve on your relationships with them as well. Spending quality time with loved ones while learning survival skills and values is a great combo, and you can only get that through camping in the great outdoors.

Another great thing about camping is that you not are not only limited to camp in camping sites, but you can do it in the comforts of your own backyard as well. You get to choose who you want to be with, whether you want to be in the solitude of nature and go on your own, or head on with family or a group of friends for some bonding time. It’s a form of relaxation, way better than sitting on the couch and watching television, as you are one with nature and feel the goodness of it all. And now, you will be able to do it with pets through this guide to camping with dogs. Enjoy the great outdoors with your pet properly with this camping with dogs guide.


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