15 Best Funny Camping Movies

Camping is one of the best activities to do for those who are adventurous. A way to help lessen stress and spend quality time with loved ones, there’s nothing better than to stay outside and to watch the stars as you sit be the campfire! But for those who aren’t keen on the idea of camping, or have no time to plan a trip, then there are always good movies to watch that can entertain you as well! There are a number of movies about camping that will definitely melt your heart. Not only that, but some are hilarious enough to send you and your family into fits of laughter!

There are so many films about camping that you are able to watch with your family. Whether you want romance or comedy, you’ll be able to get your kicks from these camping films! Not only that, but they might inspire you to take on the great outdoors as well.

But because there are hundreds of films related to camping, it’s difficult to choose just a few of them to watch! You may not know if they’re any good either, which is why it’s best to check reviews and ratings before watching a movie to avoid wasting your time and to make sure that you’ll definitely be entertained by them.

Based on reviews and popularity, here are the 15 best and funniest camping movies to watch:

  1. The Parent Trap

One of the best films Lindsay Lohan has starred in, it’s all about family fun as two separated twins meet in summer camp for the first time, with plans to rekindle the love of their parents. A feel good movie that’s great for the whole family to watch, it’s definitely something to put on your movie playlist! With hilarious scenes and lots of morals to learn from, you and your kids will love it.



  1. The Great Outdoors

Filmed in Wisconsin Lake, it’s a comedy about everything that can go wrong during a family camping trip, from annoying neighbors to scary creatures creeping up to your tent! You’ll definitely laugh at all the blunders the characters go through as they try to enjoy the camping experience. You’ll also learn how it’s best to take everything lightly when camping, how not everything will go planned and that you might as well shrug it off and enjoy!


  1. The Kings of Summer

About runaways who try to make it on their own through camping outdoors, this is one amusing film that will have parents and kids reminisce their childhood days as they watch these kids survive through makeshift houses and resources!




  1. Without a Paddle

Three buddies try to go on a camping trip to find treasure, only to experience a lot of twists and turns along the way! While you obviously won’t go through these things when camping outdoors, it will surely spark some funny memories and stories to reminisce with friends!



  1. Bushwhacked

This is especially for the parents who would love to reminisce campingas a child, with their favorite actors starring! All about silly survival skills and antics, watch scout leaders try to find their way out of the woods while experiencing some hilarious (though slightly painful!) things!



  1. Camp Rock

Your kids will definitely love watching this, especially if they love musicals and songs! All about a girl who tries to find her true identity in summer camp, it’s a feel good family movie that shows a lot of morals about being yourself and not caring what others think. That, and loads of singing and dancing included! It’ll definitely encourage your child to start camping.



  1. The Babysitter Club

For young parents and kids who have read the book, maybe you haven’t seen the movie yet! All about a group of young girls trying to set up a day camp, it’s a test of friendship and teamwork that your kids will learn a lot about.




  1. Heavyweights

All about life in a fat camp (though taking no offense to overweight people!), everyone will have a laugh from Ben Stiller’s acting as a hilarious and over the top camp counselor!




  1. Camp Cucamonga

With famous actors from the 80s, parents will love to reminisce, and kids will laugh over the hilarious antics these characters go through as they enjoy their summer vacation in the great outdoors!




  1. Addams Family Values

Love the cartoon? Then you’ll definitely love the film! Kids Wednesday and Pugsley Addams are sent off to summer camp, where their creepiness and attitude strikes laughter among adults and kids alike!




  1. Meatballs

This isn’t something for kids, but maybe teenagers and older kids due to some sexual statements that can be heard throughout the film. With Bill Murray starring, you’ll have a laugh at his attempts to win over camp counselors!




  1. Moonrise Kingdom

A feel good film for family and group of friends, it centers around two kids falling in love and making a pact to run away together. And once they do, you’ll laugh at the innocence of puppy love, as well as the quirkiness of the parents as they search for their children around the island.



  1. Summercamp!

This is definitely a must watch for kids about to start camping, or for families who want to encourage camping outdoors for their kids. All about what can and may happen during summer camp, kids will learn a lot and laugh over some hilarious scenes about kids that went through funny experiences in camp. It will also prepare them for some incidents that may happen as well.



  1. Wet Hot American Summer

A romantic comedy that groups of friends will surely love to watch, it’s all about a group of counselors falling in love with each other, with couples going through their own love dilemmas and trying to solve them in hilarious ways. All the counselors have one chance to fall in love during summer camp, and they have until the talent show to get to it: Will they find love and create the best talent show for the summer camp, or end up failing?


  1. Camp Nowhere

All about a bunch of kids who hate summer camp and will to do anything to get out of it, they decide to create a fake one instead. They blackmail their teacher as a way to get them out of the boring camps parents want them in. They eventually get bored, and through their teacher’s help, they end up having a real summer camp and having the time of their lives! A good watch for families who want to encourage their kids to join camp.

Watch these films at home with loved ones, or even have a movie marathon while you camp turn on the camping vibe! Either way, you will all have the time of your life as you laugh through these comedies. Just ready the snacks and you’re good to go!


My name is William, a family man with two kids and the passion for camping. I started Pandaneo with sharing memorable camping experiences back as a newbie camper, introducing my family to the love for the great outdoors. As time passed, we started traveling across states, trying to hit as many campsites we can!