Best Wood Burning Fire Pits: 2017 Top Picks and Buying Guide

A fire pit is not just a decorative outdoor item, but one that is also functional, especially during the colder months. It can provide outdoor heating and also a place where you can roast marshmallows and hotdogs as you bond with family and friends. It is an essential investment for people who love to go camping. While there are many types that are available in the market, some of the most popular are those that burn wood.

In the rest of this post, we will let you know some of the best wood burning fire pits that you can find in the market today, including their features, as well as pros and cons. We will also tackle some of the different types that are available, and more importantly, how you can make an intelligent choice given the abundance of the options that will confront you.

Do You Really Need a Wood Burning Fire Pit ?

​This is perhaps one thing that most of you are contemplating about. A lot of people would think that it is an unnecessary expense. For others, meanwhile, they might assume that a propane gas pit can be better.

Among others, one of the good things about having a wood fire pit is that it is better for cooking. Any backyard chef would surely realize the fact that wood adds more flavor and character to what you are cooking as against gas. The gas produces fumes that can leave a chemical-like smell on your food.

fire pit cooking

If you are budget-conscious, you will also love wood burning fire pits since they can be economical in the long run. In many places, wood is readily available and can even be availed for free. Gas or propane, on the other hand, will be costly alternatives.

Another good thing about wood is that it is warm and cozy compared to gas. The sight of burning wood will immediately make you feel relaxed, especially during a chilly night. It produces active flames that are beautiful to look at. To add, the crackling sound of the wood can also be calming.

Lastly, wood burning fire pits are also better because they can produce more heat. This is especially true if you choose the right wood. Pick the wood that can produce high heat while being slow-burning.

​How to Choose Best Wood for Fire Pit

​Even if you have the best wood burning fire pit, this is not a guarantee that it can deliver optimal functionality. There are other factors that would come into play, such as the wood that you will be using. With this, if you have no idea on the types of wood for fire pit, below are some of the options that you might want to consider:

  • Oak: One of the best things about this wood is that it is slow burning, which means that it can produce a lot of heat in a small flame. This will provide a heavy smoky flavor if you use it for cooking, not just for warmth.
  • Maple: A lot may be discouraged in using this wood in their fire pits because splitting it can take quite an effort, but it is sure to be worth it. This is an efficient wood, which should season in about a year.
  • Cherry: It burns at a high temperature but slowly. The good thing about this wood is that it has a fragrant aroma. It creates a lot of spark, but the smoke is minimal. You will not feel like suffocating when you are around a pit using this type of wood.
  • Walnut: If you want wood that can produce flame for a long time without having to make a lot of smoke, this will also make a great option.
wood for fire pit

​Pine is a wood that may be readily available, but as much as possible, you should stay away from it. Pine burns fast and it can produce too much heat, which may cause discomfort for people who are gathered around the pit. The use of treated lumber should be avoided as well because of the possibility of being exposed to toxic chemicals as the wood is burned.

​Choosing the Best Wood Burning Fire Pits

choosing wood burning fire pit

​Do not be overwhelmed with the abundance of the options that will confront you. It is important that you are responsible enough to narrow down the possibilities. Here are some of the most important factors that you have to consider:

  • Style: Aesthetics is one of the most important considerations in buying a fire pit. Make sure that it looks good so that you will not be compelled to hide it. A popular style is a bowl fire pit, which is not only spacious, but also easy to move.
  • Materials: This is an important consideration as this will be indicative of the quality of the wood burning fire pit. Stainless steel, stone, cast iron, and copper are some of the most popular materials. It should not only be durable, but must also be lightweight and efficient.
  • Safety: You also have to pay attention at the safety features of the wood burning fire pit. A mesh screen is one of the essentials, which will make it possible to contain the fire inside the pit. The unit should also be stable on the ground, despite the weight of the wood that will be placed.
  • Size: Where are you going to use the fire pit? In a small patio or a large yard? Do you intend to use the fire pit outside of home? How much wood do you want the fire pit to hold? These are all important questions in determining the size of the fire pit to purchase.
  • Care and Maintenance: As much as possible, choose a fire pit that will not require too much effort on your end to clean and maintain. It must last for many years without demanding too much from your end.
  • Versatility: Fire pits should be multifunctional. Aside from providing warmth during the cold season, you must also be able to use it in other ways, such as for grilling and as a decorative piece in the outdoors.
  • Warranty: If you want peace of mind, see to it that the product comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. More often than not, the warranty is one year. Within such period, they can offer free repair services if the product proves to bedefective, provided that you are not to be blamed for the problem.

​Tips in Using a Fire Pit

  • Know the rules and regulations in the area where you live or in the campsite. For safety concerns, there are some instances wherein the local government bans the use of fire pits. Avoid hefty fines by following what the law says.
  • Read the instructions from the manufacturer, especially with regards to the assembly of the unit. Make sure to follow it religiously. Follow what the manufacturer says about proper operation and maintenance.
  • Choose the right position of the fire pit. As much as possible, keep it 10 to 20 feet away from the neighbor. Do not light a fire pit in an enclosed area or in a place with dry grass and anything that could easily start fire.
  • ​Keep children supervised at all times. Do not leave them playing on their own when there is a wood burning fire pit.
  • Make sure to pile wood pellets only at a reasonable level. Do not pile it too high as this can burn and spill the pellets.
  • ​When you are finished, see to it that you extinguish the fire completely. Pour water above the woods or fire until you are sure that there is no more steam.
  • It also pays to know how to build a fire pit. With the basic materials, little knowledge, and quite an effort to spare, you can do so at the backyard. You can start from scratch. It is important to be very careful when doing this to avoid hazards.

Top Choices for the Best Wood Burning Fire Pits

Unsure which product will make a great choice for a wood burning fire pit? In this section, we will walk you through five of the options that can provide the best bang for the buck.

Landmann 26364 Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit

The aesthetic appeal of this wood burning fire pit is one of the things that I loved the most. At first look, your eyes will be glued at the product because it is stylish. It is quite rustic. The cover of the feet is a nice touch. It is also a good thing that it will heat at an angle of 360 degrees, making sure that wherever you are positioned near the pit, you will feel warm.

When it comes to durability, this can also prove to be a top-notch option. Some might find it prone to rusting, but with proper care and maintenance, it will be easy to prevent such a problem. It has a steel construction, making it last through the years.

Another thing that you will like about this wood burning fire pit is that almost no effort will be required on your end when it comes to its assembly. When you take it out of the box, it is almost ready to be used. You do not have to use any tool to get started.

Lastly, it is also a good thing that the weight is only 22 pounds. Because this is a lightweight pit, there is no problem in using it in different locations. Carrying and transferring the pit will surely require minimal effort on your end, especially because there are convenient handles on the side.


  • Heats at 360 degrees
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to assemble right out of the box


  • Does not come with drainage holes
  • Can be prone to rusting

Fire Sense 22-inch Folding Fire Pit

If budget is the most important concern for you, this is one product that should top your list. Despite its economical price, it can deliver decent quality, although it is obviously far from what you can expect to those that are in the higher end of the market.

It weighs only seven pounds and made even better by the fact that it comes with a foldable design. This is the perfect choice if you are looking for a wood burning fire pit that you can use beyond the house. You can easily bring it in the campsite or beach because of its portable design.

When you purchase this product, there is a screen lift tool that is already included. This will make it easy for you to lift the screen, even when there is fire, making sure that you won’t end up burning your hand. There is also a cooking grate, which will allow you to use it as a grill.

The fire-resistant mesh screen is also a good addition to this product. With the latter, you can cover the fire pit throughout its use. This is beneficial as it can effectively contain the fire and hence, prevent hazards.


  • Has an affordable price
  • Comes with a folding design
  • Carrying bag is included


  • Can be easily prone to rusting
  • Minimal heating capacity

Sunnydaze Crossweave Wood Burning Fire Pit

This can be a bit more expensive compared to most of the options that you can find in the market, but this is definitely one option that can provide value for money. From the design to the durability, this wood burning fire pit will be well-loved, even by people with discerning preferences.

The spark screen that surrounds the top and the side of the fire pit is also a good thing. This will minimize the possibility that the ashes will scatter. More importantly, it also helps to keep the fire small and to prevent possible hazards.

The steel material that is used in the pit is also worth noting. It is oil-rubbed, which is one more thing that contributes to the durability of the fire pit. Even after several years of use, you will be happy that it has retained its tip-top condition.

To make you worry-free when purchasing this product, you should know that the manufacturer is offering one-year warranty. Within twelve months, your satisfactionis guaranteed! If there are problems, let the manufacturer know and they will be more than happy to address the issue.


  • Excellent design
  • Holds a lot of wood
  • Durable construction


  • Expensive price
  • Lid can be unstable

Landmann USA 28347 Big Sky Fire Pit

This is a versatile addition to any home. Because it is lightweight, you can bring it easily with you anywhere you need it. To add, it does not only provide warmth, but you can also use it for cooking. It comes with a full-sized cooking grate.

One thing that makes the design excellent is the wildlife cutouts that surround the pit. When there is fire from the wood, they provide good views. They are also covered with a screen, as well as the top, making it possible to contain the fire in the pit.

To keep it stable, the pit comes with three feet. Nonetheless, there are some people who did not like its construction, citing that it can be unstable at time. To prevent this problem, make sure to use the pit only in a flat surface. This will also help to prioritize your safety.


  • High wood capacity
  • Lightweight construction
  • Great design


  • Legs can be unstable
  • Can be prone to rusting

Sunnydaze Large Rustic Cast Iron Wood Burning Fire Pit

Among others, one of the things that you will love about this product is that it is made from cast iron. The latter is a material that is popular for durability, which is indicative of its ability to provide the best value for the money. This is the reason why you can expect it to last for a long time. To add, it is also a good thing that the cast iron has gone through oxidation, which provides the bowl with a rustic appeal.

To keep the fire pit in a steady position, it is also worth noting that it comes with a pedestal base, which provides the support that the bowl needs. This allows the pit to be raised from the ground, making it more stable. This is also a good feature to ensure its safety.

The design of the pit is also impressive, not only in terms of aesthetics, but also functionality. It comes with two wide handles on the side. Because of their size, it will be easy to hold it, even if you have a large hand.


  • Stylish and functional design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a good handle


  • Can be quite brittle
  • Maybe easily prone to rusting


From the best wood burning fire pits mentioned above, which one makes the best choice? In my own opinion,Landmann 26364 Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit stands out from all others. It is a user-friendly product that comes with superior quality, making it offer long-term functionality that is hard to rival by any other option you can find in the market.


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