Coleman Six Person Instant Tent Review


A tent is one of the most important items that you will purchase for camping. Of course choosing the right tent will be different for everyone; it is a good idea, before making a purchase, to consider what is most important to you in a tent.

For some, the most important thing is price; for others, it is weight, durability or its ability to withstand rough weather. The following review will focus on the Coleman Six Person Instant Tent, a popular, affordable option, and how it stands up against other six person tents.

Key Features

When considering the Coleman Six Person Instant Tent, my first question is “what makes this tent special”? A few key features of this tent include:

  • Space : The Coleman Six Person Instant tent has 90 square feet of floor space along with a center height of around six feet. The height means you never feel closed-in and it is easy to change your clothes for the next adventure.
  • Protection from the elements : The tent includes a built-in, vented rainfly which will help you stay dry during wet weather. In addition, the tent features WeatherTec systems patented welded floors and inverted seams, which will keep water out of your tent even in very wet conditions.
  • Easy to set up: The tent’s poles are pre-assembled, making for a quick and simple set up.
  • Reflective guy lines: these offer an increased visibility when it is dark, so you don’t have to worry about tripping over them and it is easier to locate your tent without your flashlight.


When looking to purchase a tent, which I tend to see as a long-term investment, comfort is important. As with many things, comfort may mean different things for different people.

One thing I look for in a tent is space; not just where we can sleep comfortably and change our clothes easily, but enough space where we can hang out for hours during rainstorm without being miserable.

With 90 square feet (the Big Agnes Big House Six has 81 square feet and the Big Agnes Rabbit Ears Six has 85 square feet) and more than six feet of height in the center, one can spend a lot of time in this tent without feeling claustrophobic.

Windows on all four sides of the tent and a vent-like opening on the top of the tent help keep you from feeling hot and stuffy, adding to your comfort. Reviewers of the tent comment that the windows offer great cross ventilation. The Big Agnes Rabbit Ears Six offers one window and one door in comparison.

Weather Resistant

It is never any fun to wake up during a rainstorm and find that you are soaking wet. Fortunately the Coleman Six Person Instant Tent has measures that ensure that does not happen to you.

While the tent includes a built-in rainfly, you can also purchase a separate rainfly for extra protection. Coleman’s patented WeatherTec system offers welded floors and inverted seems which keep water out of your tent.

According to many reviewers, the Coleman Six Person Instant Tent stays dry and is able to withstand all but the highest winds.

Ease of Set Up

The tent is advertised as being able to be set up in under one minute (not includes tent stakes). While that timeframe seems too good to be true, numerous reviewers of different ages and sizes (for child to senior) confirm that setting this tent up is a breeze.

The Coleman Six Person Instant Tent appears to go up easier than other six person tents available.The Big Agnes Big House Six that I own still takes me ten minutes at a minimum to set up, and that is after pitching it many times.


The Coleman Six Person Instant Tent is not a light tent, weighing around 26 pounds. In comparison, the Kelty Yellowstone Six weighs around 15 pounds and the Big Agnes Rabbit Ears Six weighs around 13 pounds.

Despite its large size, reviewers note that it is easy to get this tent back into its storage bag, as the bag is larger than it needs to be. This means no struggling to get the tent back into a bag that it only fits in when folded perfectly.



The size, along with the easy of set up and affordable price tag, make the Coleman Six Person Instant Tent worth a look. While it may not be the best option for those who camp regularly in wet conditions, this tent has many positive features.

For those purchasing the Coleman Six Person Instant Tent, utilizing a tent seam sealer should help with avoiding potential leaks. It is also a good idea to purchase the separate rainfly or hang a tarp above your tent for added protection.

Have you used the Coleman Six Person Instant Tent? Please share how this tent has worked for you.


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